Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 300

"I just want to ask you one thing. If I do it for you, will you hurt Yun Luofeng?"

A woman in love was usually crazy and would be extremely cruel to her rival in love, so Gao Shaochen asked her this question. Yes, he did want to get Yun Luofeng, but he didn't want her to suffer any harm.

"Gao Shaochen, I didn't expect that you could be so love-stricken," Si Xuan raised the corners of her lips and smiled, "Don't worry, as long as I get Yun Xiao, I won't hurt her. However, as Yun Luofeng is such a tough woman, I don't think she will submit to you easily. I suggest you wait until Yun Xiao leaves, and then take her into the Imperial Palace by force and take her virginity. If you succeed, I will help you control her and make her your doll for her entire life."

"Why do I have to wait until Yun Xiao leaves?" Gao Shaochen frowned, his foxy eyes flickering with subtle lights.

"With his presence, you won't be able to take Yun Luofeng into the Imperial Palace." Si Xuan glanced at Gao Shaochen, "After all, I can't use all the powers of the Spirit Sect. Besides, he is very vigilant, and it won't be easy to lure him away, so you have to wait. He is a very busy man and won't stay in the Yun Family all the time."

She didn't tell Gao Shaochen that even all the strong men of the Spirit Sect added up would not be able to defeat Yun Xiao. Of course, if she said this truthfully, Gao Shaochen would be too scared to do it!

As for the way to control Yun Luofeng...

She didn't have any! She was just deceiving Gao Shaochen.

As long as Yun Luofeng lost her virginity to Gao Shaochen, it would be impossible for Yun Xiao to continue to love her. And then, she would appear before Yun Xiao at the right time, comforting him and gradually stealing his heart. Then it would not be difficult for him to finally accept her.

Gao Shaochen pondered for quite a while and nodded, "Alright, I will do it for you. After Yun Xiao leaves the Yun Family, I will inform you."

"Then I'll be waiting for your good news."
Si Xuan squinted, the smile on her face spreading, " I hope you... will not let me down."

Afterward, she walked lightly out of the door like a puff of smoke and quickly disappeared from the sight of Gao Shaochen.

"Your Highness," looking at the receding figure of Si Xuan, Gao Shaochen's trusted subordinate asked, "can we trust this woman?"

Gao Shaochen's face darkened, "No, we can't!"

He knew that he couldn't trust Si Xuan, but he had no choice. The Spirit Sect was the master of the royal family. If he wanted to ascend to the throne, he would have to obey her orders. He just hoped that Si Xuan could keep her words and would not hurt Yun Luofeng after she got Yun Xiao.

Because of the intervention of Si Xuan, the chaotic court of the Longyuan Kingdom was finally stabilized. However, to everyone's surprise, the new Emperor was the Fourth Prince, Gao Shaochen, who was always low-profile.

As was known to all, the Fourth Prince, Gao Shaochen, was not quite outstanding except that he was a good-looking man, though he didn't perform poorly as well. Thus, the citizens of the Longyuan Kingdom didn't expect that he could beat all those princes and become the new emperor.
However, after Gao Shaochen ascended to the throne, he soon reinstated General Yun Luo and announced that he would grant the military leadership to Yun Luo again! However, he just said this and hadn't issued Yun Luo the token for commanding troops.

One day, Yun Xiao temporarily left the Yun Family because something was wrong with his powers and he had to deal with it. However, not long after he left, a group of Imperial Guards arrived and quickly surrounded General Yun's Estate.


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