Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 299

"It's just impossible to fool you," Si Xuan slightly raised her eyebrows, "and that's why I'm more interested in cooperating with you."

She was confident that even if Gao Shaochen became the emperor, she could still control him.

"Yes," looking at Gao Shaochen's foxy eyes, Si Xuan said frankly, "I choose you for a purpose!"

Gao Shaochen smiled mildly, "Then may I know your purpose?"

Hearing his words, Si Xuan glanced at him, "When the Mu Family was butchered yesterday, I was among the onlookers. I recognized the cold man beside Yun Luofeng, who is the right one that I have been looking for."

However, because he was too vigilant, Si Xuan did not dare to look at him longer, for fear that she might attract his attention! Therefore, she pretended to be an ordinary onlooker to avoid being noticed by the man. Even so, the man still noticed her casual glance, and if it hadn't been that she quickly drew back her eyes, he might have found her.

"Are you sure?" Gao Shaochen paused and asked seriously.

Si Xuan nodded, "I first met him in my father's study, when he walked past me, without giving me a glance as if he didn't notice my existence. He was wearing a mask and looked so cold and domineering! It was just because of his cold and imposing manner that I became infatuated with him! Yesterday though, he didn't wear his mask, and I still recognized him at a glance by his size and bearing."

Thinking of the man's tenderness for the gorgeous girl beside him, she felt her heart was burning with envy. If she had not been warned by her father that any woman who had been covetous of the man had not come to a good end, perhaps she would have rushed out on the spot and would not have tried her best to restrain herself.

Gao Shaochen's eyes flickered, "Miss Si Xuan, so why don't you just vie for the man with Yun Luofeng?"

Si Xuan said with contempt, "It was obvious that he likes Yun Luofeng, otherwise he would not have accompanied her without any complaint. If I just rushed out to court him, it would surely cause his disgust, and what I want is his heart, not just his body."

As a matter of fact, if it weren't that Yun Xiao was too powerful, Si Xuan would definitely take him by force. It was just because that she was afraid of the power of Yun Xiao that she dared not to do it.
Of course, she would never tell Gao Shaochen the truth, or else Gao Shaochen could not be used by her.

"I didn't expect that Miss Si Xuan was so affectionate." Gao Shaochen's jade-like face showed a smile, his eyes flickering with some subtle light. "But, till now, you still haven't told me what you want me to do."

Si Xuan chuckled, " I have already found out that you like Yun Luofeng. So, isn't it perfect? Yun Luofeng will be yours and I'll have Yun Xiao. What do you think of it? If you agree, I will send some people of the Spirit Sect to help you, and the throne of the Longyuan Kingdom will also be yours."

Undoubtedly, Si Xuan's offer was quite attractive, if he agreed, he could become the emperor of the Longyuan Kingdom and get Yun Luofeng as well! Gao Shaochen, however, kept silent. Cunning as he was, it was not so easy for him to trust a person.

After quite a while, he seemed to finally figure something out, his handsome face more serious.


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