Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 295

It was night, the moonlight like water.

Inside the young girl's bedchamber, a pleasant fragrance lingered, and the snow-white muslin for the window fluttered with the breeze, akin to a gentle palm lightly caressing that girl's peerlessly beautiful appearance.

A man stood behind her, his cold eyes intently fixed on the girl standing before him. "I came to the Yun Family without any ulterior motives."

He only came here because of her!

While saying this, the man's face was as emotionless as always, but the nervousness that flashed through his eyes still betrayed his heart's emotions. 

He was scared!

Scared that Yun Luofeng would misunderstand him. If she misunderstood him, he did not know what he could do to recover her trust.

"And then?"

The young girl's voice was aloof, not a single emotion could be heard, so it was unknown what she was thinking.

Yun Xiao started, and suddenly strode in front of the young girl with large steps. He fiercely pulled her into his embrace, using all his strength to tightly hold onto her. His lowered eyes silently stared at the young girl in his arms. 

The girl did not move at all, allowing Yun Xiao to embrace her, but a Yun Luofeng like this only made his heart increasingly nervous.

"Believe me. I won't do anything that will harm you! Ghost Emperor is only the name that other people call me by. In the Yun household, there isn't any Ghost Emperor, only Yun Xiao."

In the Yun household, there isn't any Ghost Emperor, only Yun Xiao.

A stream of warmth flowed through Yun Luofeng's heart. Her hand gently pushed the man holding her away, and she looked up at the cold and handsome face in front of her. "Yun Xiao, when we first met, you were seriously injured and fell down from the wall. I want to know why someone as strong as you was seriously injured that day."

Yun Xiao was silent for a moment before answering, "The method that I study is a bit unusual. That day's injuries were self-inflicted when I fell into a deranged state while practicing. After I had regained consciousness, I was already grievously injured. Added to that, there are many people who want to steal my method, so to prevent those people from detecting my location, I switch locations every time I finish practicing my method. Who knew that I would injure myself so much that day and faint just when I wanted to leave?"

"Method?" Yun Luofeng lightly frowned. "What method do you practice?"

Yun Xiao glanced at Yun Luofeng and honestly responded, "The method that I practice is called 'Heaven and Spirit Method'."

"Heaven and Spirit Method?" during Yun Luofeng's moment of hesitation, Xiao Mo's astonished shout came from her spirit.

"Master, I know of this Heaven and Spirit Method, I didn't imagine that Yun Xiao's luck is this good, actually attaining the Heaven and Spirit Method. This method is also the cultivation method most suited for a solid soul body. However, every time that the Heaven and Spirit Method advances a level and his cultivation rises, he does indeed enter into a deranged state! He won't recognize anyone and will injure even himself!"

Following the drop of Xiao Mo's voice, Yun Luofeng's heart gradually sunk.

"Is there any solution?" Yun Luofeng did not notice at all how after she had asked her question, the eyes of the little guy inside God Code World lit up.

"There is, of course there is. When Yun Xiao makes a breakthrough next time, Master, dual cultivate with him. As long as he dual cultivates with you, his deranged state will not flare up."

Yun Luofeng lightly stroked her chin and did not respond to Xiao Mo, turning her gaze to Yun Xiao again. "Then why did you come to the Yun household? Just because I saved you and saw the appearance beneath your mask, you want to make me take responsibility?


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