Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 293

What was this 'he visits brothels'?

What was this 'his body is hollowed out by those women'?

He secluded himself to cultivate every day, when did he visit brothels? He should have guessed that Yun Luo, that old thing, would never say anything nice.

Waiting for him to respond to your question? Dream on!

"Yun Luo, even if this old man dies here today, I will still pull you down with me." Lin Tian's eyes were completely red, and he charged toward Yun Luo as though possessed.

Even if he died, he still would not let off this shameless old thing!

On the litter, Yun Xiao looked at Lin Tian, who was charging at the elderly man, and a cold light flashed through his deep and dark eyes. He slowly lifted his hand, and inside his sleeve, a wave of spiritual energy shot out and hit Lin Tian's knees with a bang.

At this time, Lin Tian just reached the spot in front of the elderly man, was caught off guard, and hit by this wave of spiritual energy. And so, his legs could not withstand the weight behind this energy and suddenly kneeled in front of the elderly man.

That's right!

He truly knelt down, his knees ceaselessly trembling, and he could not even stand up.

"Cluck cluck," both of the elderly man's hands were on his hips as he watched Lin Tian kneel in front of him with a smile, "Lin Tian, even if you know you committed a mistake, you don't need to kneel to me. Moreover, even if you knelt, I still wouldn't forgive you."

"You..." Lin Tian's face was full of humiliation and rage, his severe eyes glanced behind him, "Who was it! Who ambushed me just now, come out!"


While Lin Tian was looking into the identity of the ambusher, a solid piece of rock was thrown and hit his head. This was quickly followed by Milk Tea running to him with its short little legs and giving a few mocking squeaks. 

Lin Tian completely broke down. He wanted to get up from the ground, but before he could straighten his knees, a powerful pressure came from the direction of litter, mercilessly pressing his body onto the ground.

"Hahaha, Lin Tian, weren't you so skillful before? But now, there is actually a day where you kneel to me." Yun Luo guffawed and shot Lin Tian's body into the air with his palm. Immediately after, he leaped up, and his entire body sat on Lin Tian, his punches landing on the man like a tornado.

The old man was hitting him very fiercely, wanting to vent all of the grievances that he suffered from for all these years. And the cold man on the litter nonchalantly picked up a grape and placed it by Yun Luofeng's mouth.

His handsome face was free of any expression, as though the person who just used a pressure to control Lin Tian was not him...


Lin Tian was beaten up by the elderly man to the point of spurting blood from his mouth, there was not a single unharmed spot on his face. Perhaps he was so beat up that even his mother could not recognize him!

When the elderly man's final punch landed, Lin Tian already could not bear it any longer and passed out.

Seeing this, the elderly man found it a bit dull and walked away from his body, clicking his tongue, "So boring, that old thing is at least a high-level, advanced-rank cultivator, but too fragile to beat up. Only a few hits and he already fainted."

A few hits?

Hearing this, the corner of everyone's lips could not help but twitch. The elderly man landed several hundred hits on him, but he actually said it was only a few hits at the end?

"Girl, I will leave you to clean up, this grandfather of yours wants to find someone to have some tea with and chat." The elderly man stood with his arms behind him and head held high, a face brimming with satisfaction. "Wasting this old man's valuable time on these people truly isn't worth it."

Yun Luofeng looked at the radiant elderly man and smiled, "Vented enough?" 


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