Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 292

While Gao Tu contemplated his countermeasure, Lin Tian finally exhausted all of his energy and could not help but come to a stop. He gasped for breath as he stared at the little hamster, who had kept about 10 meters between them from start to end, with a face brimming with fury. 

"Wait until I catch you, I will definitely knead you into a meat patty!"

This damned little thing was nothing more than a normal gold-seeking hamster!

And for a spiritual beast like the gold-seeking hamster, its strength can only remain at early-level, low-rank spirit cultivator for their entire life, so how could it run this fast?

Of course, the gold-seeking hamsters that Lin Tian had intimate knowledge of were other people's gold-seeking hamsters. The gold-seeking hamster that Yun Luofeng possessed was certainly an existence that was beyond everyone's knowledge, so how could he catch up to it?

"Hoho, I'm afraid you won't have that chance."

Yun Luo chewed a spiritual fruit while looking at Lin Tian with ridicule in his eyes. His expression was very carefree, and his whole body was extremely relaxed, as though the person chasing Lin Tian earlier was not him.

"Yun Luo!" Lin Tian furiously turned his head. "Why is it that although you ran for so long and hit me so many times, everything is still fine?"

This old guy's strength was lower than his, and even he did not have any energy remaining, so why was this old guy still so carefree and content? And not even out of breath?

In truth, the fact that Yun Luo could be this airy had something to do with the spiritual fruit in his hand.

After consuming the first spiritual fruit, a spirit cultivator at the high-level state could suddenly break through one level. Although the use of a second spiritual fruit did not have any further effects, this ineffectiveness was only referring to the raising of one's strength.

If someone ate these spiritual fruits like regular fruits just as the old man did, even if they could not use the spiritual fruits to continue raising their strength, they could still use it to recover their spiritual strength and raise their physical strength! This was why even though the elderly man ran for so long and utilized so much spiritual energy, he still was not out of breath.

Seeing this old man chasing and beating Lin Tian while nibbling on spiritual fruits, the people of the Steep Corps and Raging Flame Corps felt their hearts involuntarily twitch.

Something as good as that was wasted by him like this!

However, other people were unable to recognize the spiritual fruit in Yun Luo's hand, so they only thought of it as a normal fruit! As a result, they did not pay too much attention to it and were only astonished by the old man's formidable physical strength. 

"Do you want to know why my physical strength is this vigorous? And why even my spiritual strength is endless?"

The old man casually tossed away the seed of the fruit in this hand, his derisive gaze landing on Lin Tian. 

"Squeak squeak!"

Witnessing this scene, the hamster hurriedly halted its steps and turned around to run toward the seed that the old man threw onto the ground. It eagerly held the seed in its hands and scampered to the side to start biting it.

"Why?" Lin Tian did not pay attention to the little hamster anymore and asked with an uncomprehending tone.

He still could not understand, Yun Luo's strength was clearly an entire level lower than him, so why wasn't he the slightest bit short-winded after running for this long?

Yun Luo's shameless expression disappeared and was replaced by a solemn one.

Faced with a serious Yun Luo like this, Lin Tian temporarily stored the fury in his heart away and waited for the man's answer. 

"That is because..." Yun Luo stroked his snow-white beard and replied in a deadpan manner, "you frequently visit brothels and your body is dried up. Naturally, it's quite weak, so how could you compare to a decent person like me? Old guy, you are already advanced in age, you should take better care of your own body, don't keep letting those women hollow you out."

Lin Tian originally thought Yun Luo would seriously answer his question, but who knew this old guy would actually say something like that! He was angered to the point of almost spitting out a mouthful of blood again.


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