Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 291

"Qingyan, Zhong Ling'er, how should we take care of these people?" Yun Luofeng smiled, slightly narrowing her dangerously glinting eyes. 

Zhong Ling'er blinked, her large, adorable, and bright eyes were full of teasing. "Master, although it's true that Gao Ling is idiotic, and the Emperor is biased, the crime of these people from the Imperial Clan doesn't warrant death." 

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, indicating for Zhong Ling'er to continue speaking. 

"So..." Zhong Ling'er paused briefly before continuing, "this subordinate has an idea. Master can cripple Gao Tu's strength and imprison him, making him watch how the Yun Family that he once looked down on grows step by step and finally stands on the pinnacle of this continent."

Didn't you side with the Mu Family back then? Didn't you take into consideration that Mu Wushuang was someone from the Tian Family, so you permitted Gao Ling to humiliate her master and tacitly accepted all of Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang's behavior?

Hence, Zhong Ling'er wanted to make these people watch Yun Family gradually grow and Gao Tu to live the rest of his life in regret!

"That idea is quite good," Yun Luofeng lightly caressed her chin and said, "Zhong Ling'er, do you have anything else that you want to say?"

Zhong Ling'er was silent for a moment. "This is the punishment for Gao Tu and his son. As for Noble Consort Mu, many things were caused by her, and she is also from the Mu Family, so we must completely eliminate all the roots!"

Before Gao Tu knew about Mu Wushuang's identity, many things happened due to Noble Consort Mu indeed. It was because of her pillow talk that he started having a bias toward the Mu Family!

And it was because of her that Gao Tu would tacitly accept Jing Lin's behavior all those years ago.

This was the permanent hatred in the elderly man's heart. If the Mu Family was not eradicated, then he could not eliminate that painful memory.

"Qingyan, do you have something to add?" The corner of Yun Luofeng's lips contained a smile as she turned her head to look at the little maidservant beside her.

Qingyan glanced at Yun Luofeng. "Miss, this maid thinks that Zhong Ling'er's method is quite good, but this maid wants to add one thing, and that is to make Gao Tu and his son become Milk Tea's playmates. Milk Tea is very lonely without any playmates."

Milk Tea? 

Hearing Qingyan's words, Gao Tu's face turned pale. He fearfully looked at that frantically running little hamster, his eyes revealing an intense dread. 

Becoming that little thing's playmate? Dying would be more delightful!

Of course, although Gao Tu thought this in his heart, as someone craven and cowardly, he could never do something like cutting his own throat to commit suicide! He would rather live in pain than die in despair.

"Yun Xiao, what do you think?" Yun Luofeng turned her sight to Yun Xiao and asked.

Yun Xiao was as cold as always, but the words that he spoke made a person's heart feel incredibly warm. 

"As long as you are happy."

As long as she was happy, then he would support her no matter what she did. Even if she wanted to massacre everyone in this world, he would still never leave her and always accompany her.

"Yun Luofeng!"

Seeing these people casually deciding his fate, Gao Tu's face darkened as he said, "Don't forget, our Imperial Clan has the Spirit Sect behind us! Do you think you have the strength to fight with Spirit Sect?" 

"I already knew about the existence of the Spirit Sect before coming here," Yun Luofeng looked up at Gao Tu and aloofly stated. "Since we came to seek trouble from your Imperial Clan in spite of already knowing about the Spirit Sect situation, why do you think I will be intimidated into withdrawing by those words alone?"

Gao Tu's complexion shifted again. Spirit Sect was his safeguard, but if even this safeguard was useless, then he truly had no way of facing Yun Family's hundred-people corps.


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