Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 290

"Squeak squeak!"

Milk Tea called out to Lin Tian, its big, round eyes bursting with provocation.

That expression appeared to say: If you have the capability, squeeze me to death, but since you don't, what nonsense are you speaking?

"G*dd*mn hamster, this old man will kill you first!"

Lin Tian understood the emotion in Milk Tea's eyes and sprung up with a roar, his eagle-like claws trying their hardest to scratch Milk Tea's little body.


Before Lin Tian's hit landed on Milk Tea, its body scuttled away, and it nimbly dodged. The descending eagle-like claws plunged into the ground, and an anguished wail was suddenly heard. 

"You d*mn hamster, I dare you to not escape!"

Lin Tian's hand was lodged in the ground. He could feel all his fingers burning in pain, and his expression involuntarily started twisting. His entire body emitted a billowing aura, his wrath clearly reaching its peak.

Milk Tea turned its head and made a few calls toward Lin Tian, as though saying, "Don't escape? Am I dumb?"

In his fury, Lin Tian did not care about anything anymore and threateningly launched himself at the quickly escaping Milk Tea. While chasing after Milk Tea, Lin Tian did not sense Yun Luo's presence suddenly appearing behind him at all.


A powerful force surprise attacked Lin Tian from behind, making him lose his footing and fall face-first on the ground.

Then, he instantly leaped up, turning around to attack Yun Luo.

However, when he gave up on chasing after Milk Tea to attack Yun Luo, Milk Tea, that little hamster, suddenly appeared from nowhere and sneaked up on Lin Tian's back, biting him.

"Ah!" Lin Tian shouted in pain, his palm reaching for Milk Tea on his back. 

It was as though his hand was smeared with oil, incredibly slick, and the little hamster directly slipped past his palm and smugly ran behind him.

Lin Tian wanted to continue chasing Milk Tea, but he only ran a few steps before Yun Luo opportunistically attacked him again. Then, when he wanted to seek trouble from Yun Luo, Milk Tea darted out again to sneak an attack on his back...

Faced with this shameless pair of human and hamster, Lin Tian completely lost his mind. He angrily screamed, and his disheveled hair messily hung down his back, akin to a true lunatic.

"Ahhhhh! Yun Luo, I'm going to dismember you and this wretched hamster!"

Lin Tian's pants started shaking due to the berserk power from inside his body. He waved his arms to angrily aim for Milk Tea, disregarding Yun Luo, who was tossing a few punches at him from behind every now and then. The only thought in his mind was to murder this trouble-stirring hamster!

He knew that as long as this little hamster remained alive, it was impossible for him to have a fair fight with Yun Luo. 

"Lin Tian, why are you running? If you are a man, then stop and fight until only one remains! What skill is it to run away?" Yun Luo guffawed and did not stop pursuing Lin Tian, his spiritual energy wastefully hitting Lin Tian. 

Lin Tian almost stumbled onto the ground again. Although he was bursting with fury, he still did not stop chasing the hamster. 

As a result, the entire palace was graced with the scene of a hamster frantically running ahead and two old men chasing after it...

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against Yun Xiao, watching this pursuit with slight interest. 

She saw that Milk Tea was not in any danger and the elderly man was also having fun, so she did not step out to halt this farce and turned to look at the restless Gao Tu.


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