Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 289

The place where Lin Tian had been bitten was aching endlessly, and he shouted somewhat angrily. "If you have any ability, wait for me to kill this hamster and then I'll fight with you!

Yun Luo rolled his eyes.

Although he came here to have a fight with Lin Tian, he had also come to beat these people up and release his anger! Wouldn't he be stupid if he were to let such a good opportunity slip by? 

"What hamster? I don't see it," Yun Luo lied through his teeth. "Lin Tian, are you afraid of me, so you found such a poor excuse?"

"You…" Lin Tian was angered to the point where his expression turned pale. "Yun Luo, who's afraid of such a shameless nasty person like you? If it weren't for this hamster getting into my robes, I could defeat you in a breath's time!"

While he was speaking, Lin Tian was bitten once again and he no longer cared about Yun Luo. With a tearing sound, he tore his clothes into pieces and suddenly, the small hamster's body was exposed in the light.

"You're only a hamster and you dared to bite me, you're courting death!"

Lin Tian struck his chest with his palm.

As he had flown into a rage out of humiliation, he exerted ample strength within this palm strike. Who knew that this hamster's body was very nimble and it ran onto his shoulders before the palm strike even landed. As a result, not only did this attack not strike the hamster to death, it even caused his chest to turn purplish-green while his footsteps couldn't help but retreat.

"Tsk tsk." Rage could be seen across Lin Tian's whole face as Yun Luo looked at him beamingly. "You're aware that you are not a match for me, therefore, you want to kill yourself? Lin Tian, I didn't think you would be such a coward to not even have the courage to fight me."

Compared to the pain on his body, Lin Tian was more angry with Yun Luo's words.

He was angered to the point he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, as his aged body trembled incessantly. "Motherf**ker Yun Luo, don't you see this hamster on my body? How can I fight you when he's biting me?"

Yun Luo replied earnestly. "Apologies, I'm blind, so I can't see it!"


As his injury was not light, coupled with Yun Luo's provocation, Lin Tian directly spat out a mouthful of blood. His aged expression was deathly pale and completely lacked color.

"Yun Luo, you are a shameless b*stard!"

That fella must have done it purposely! He absolutely did not believe he could not see such a huge hamster!

"Squeak Squeak"

The hamster cried out and once again used it's two sharp incisor tooth to bite on Lin Tian's shoulder.

It had bitten down hard, and blood oozed out with its bite. It's no wonder Lin Tian no longer had the heart to battle with Yun Luo!

Unfortunately, Yun Luo would absolutely never let go of such a great opportunity to trample on him!

"Lin Tian, even if you do not have the courage to fight me today, I will not let go of such an opportunity to battle against you. Therefore, let us have a fair competition! Both of us will rely on our fists without using any weapons.


You **** actually had the nerve to sprout righteous words like fairness? From the start, he had never seen a person who was shameless to this extent! That old man did not even care about his face, so what could he still say to him?

Just when Lin Tian wanted to meet Yun Luo's attack, the hamster hiding on his body bit him again. Under acute pain, his movements slightly stopped and at that moment, Yun Luo's fist firmly struck on his chest.

His body flew out with a bang sound, causing him to fall on the floor while spitting blood. His expression was filled with wrath. "Yun Luo! If you have any ability, let me kill this hamster first before fighting you!"

When Lin Tian's voice had just finished, Milk Tea strode with his tiny legs and stood before Lin Tian. The small hamster's head lifted up high and looked at Lin Tian while being proud of himself.


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