Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 288

As expected, after hearing Yun Luo's words, Lin Tian's expression sank slightly and his gaze contained a concealed unknown glimmer.

"Elder Lin, what are you waiting for? Even if Yun Luo has broken through, he's only a high-level middle rank cultivator and you are high-level advanced rank, he's absolutely not your opponent.

Seeing Elder Lin who was motionless, he unconsciously felt anxious. He could not understand, why was Elder Lin so hesitant while facing a high-level middle-rank cultivator?

Elder Lin did not answer to Gao Tu's words but his expression was clearly not very good.

What he was afraid of obviously was not Yun Luo, but the hundred men troops beside Yun Luofeng!

Although Yun Luo's strength was not comparable to his, it was not a problem for Yun Luo to pull him away for a short period of time. Within that time, the hundred men corps could instantly destroy the Imperial Palace. When the Spirit Sect finds out about this matter, they would definitely be enraged and he would be labeled as someone who did not protect them.

"Yun Luo, the force behind me is the Spirit Sect."

Lin Tian took a deep breath and ultimately revealed this news.

Only a few royal family members know of the Spirit Sect's existence. Even Noble Consort Mu as the Imperial Consort did not know of any news regarding the Spirit Sect. Consequently, he had believed that Yun Luo was unaware.

"So what?" Yun Luo laughed sarcastically. "I have already long known of this matter."

Lin Tian's expression became increasingly cold. "Since you are aware, you still want to plot a rebellion?"

"Keke," Yun Luo raised the corner of his lips and laughed sneeringly, "Gao Tu this dog Emperor sided with the Mu Family! I will also never forget that when I knelt down before Jing Lin in order to save Qing Ya, he did not even command Jing Lin to save him. It's such a joke that I went to guard the border for this sort of person for ten years! Now I have finally come to my senses! Other than getting rid of this incapable ruler, I also came here to let Jing Lin repent for the matters of that day!"


Suddenly, Yun Luo's pupil contracted and his dominating aura surged forth. The current him seemed to have turned back into the mighty and renowned general that had guarded the border a few months back!

"Those who offend my Yun family, regardless of who they are, they must die!"

After saying this, Yun Luo instantly clenched his fist and rushed towards Lin Tian. His entire body's aura was monstrous and sharp like a long sword that was unsheathed.

Lin Tian's expression turned solemn and once again, his hands were curved into an eagle-like claw while welcoming Yun Luo's attack.


A small hamster that came from who knows where, emerged and climbed into his trousers. It then opened its mouth and bit on the tool that he used to carry on his ancestral line...


Lin Tian cried out in pain and he could not care for Yun Luo who was rushing head-on toward him. His eagle-like claws grabbed in the direction of the crotch of his trousers, attempting to squeeze that d*mned hamster into a meat patty.

However, the hamster had changed its target after biting. It climbed up his chest and once again, used its sharp teeth to bite Lin Tian's chest.

Hmph! Who asked an old b*stard like you to have the guts to bully my Master! Now you are still thinking of battling with my Master's Grandfather? In your dreams! In order for me to be able to eat more spiritual medicines, I cannot let you be so unrestrained anymore. I must let Grandfather let his anger out on you sufficiently.


Just when Lin Tian attempted to catch the small hamster, Yun Luo's fist had already landed on Lin Tian's stomach, causing him to retreat a few steps. He then let out a refreshed heartily laughter. "Lin Tian, aren't you supposed to be awesome? If you have the capability, fight me! Hahaha!"


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