Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 287

"It isn't a good thing to be too arrogant! If you insist on being so, then this old man can only raise his hands and teach an inexperienced girl a lesson!"


The old man's body suddenly transformed into a hurricane and appeared before Yun Luofeng instantly.

His hand had curved up, like an eagle claw that was fierce and sharp, while his gaze was filled with ruthlessness.

Yun Luofeng shallowly laughed while looking at the old man's figure that was rapidly dashing towards her. She didn't even try to dodge as her eyes were smiling.

Looking at the young lady's attitude, where she seemed to have a card up her sleeve, caused the old man to become even more enraged. His attack also became increasingly fierce, as if he wanted to take away her life with a single strike.


Just when the old man's hands were a millimeter away from Yun Luofeng's face, a violent rage was suddenly transmitted from the summit, carrying an imposing aura like a hot knife slicing through butter.

"Who dares to harm my granddaughter?"


A strong force that was fierce and violent came forth from the rear, causing the old man to be unable to care about Yun Luofeng before him. He hastily turned his body towards the force that had suddenly arrived, and with an explosive sound a powerful blast scattered off his body, causing dust to fly everywhere, hiding the skies and covering the earth.

Meanwhile, the grim, stoic, and expressionless man on the palanquin had gradually withdrawn his hands. He then continued to feed fruits into Yun Luofeng's mouth, as if nothing had happened.

Perhaps the Imperial Family's number one expert never expected that he would be so close to death earlier. If it wasn't for his quick response to deal with Yun Luo from behind, perhaps he might have already died on the spot.

Since Yun Luo had arrived, Yun Xiao did not intend to take any action. After all, this was the grudge of the Yun family and since they had the capability to settle their troubles, he was only required to sit on the side and be a spectator.

If the Yun Family encountered a difficulty that they couldn't resolve, then he would take action!

"Yun Luo!"

The old man looked at the old general that walked towards him as his aged face suddenly turned solemn. He then spoke in a cold tone. "It seems like you're timely. If you hadn't arrived without delay, your granddaughter would have already turned into a corpse here."

Yun Luo released a chuckle. "Lin Tian, you should be thanking me for arriving promptly. Otherwise, it is you who would be buried here."

There was Yun Xiao beside his own granddaughter, and what was Lin Tian that old fool? He would guarantee that not even a finger of that old fool could touch his treasured granddaughter.

Yun Xiao, that youngster, truly allowed him to be reassured.

Just that...

He had long wanted to compete with the number one expert of the Imperial Family, and he could not restrain himself and came to the Imperial Palace.

"Elder Lin," Gao Tu walked towards Lin Tian's side and angrily looked at Yun Luo who was in a great mood and giggling, "that old general is thinking of plotting a rebellion, I ask for you to put him to death immediately to serve as a warning to others!"

Lin Tian slightly frowned. This Gao Tu was truly an idiot. Yun Luo had clearly come prepared. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to kill him that easily today!

Thinking of that, Lin Tian muttered to himself irresolutely before asking. "Yun Luo, you've broken through to a high-level middle rank cultivator?"

"Indeed!" Yun Luo raised his eyebrows and spoke while being proud of himself. "My luck's pretty good, I broke through and reached high-level middle rank not long ago! Therefore, I couldn't restrain myself and came here to try my hand against you."

In fact, the reason why Yun Luo could break through was because of the spirit fruit Yun Luofeng gave him at that time.

Although the old General liked to show off, he still knew his limits. He knew what could be said, and what could not be. If the news of his own granddaughter having spirit fruit was made public, what awaited Yun family would be a nightmare!


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