Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 286

Besides, there was still the Spirit Sect behind the Imperial Family, so even if Yun Luofeng's might was formidable, she could not be compared to a huge monster like the Spirit Sect.

Yun Luofeng's hands lightly caressed the gold-seeking hamster, Milk Tea, who came out from her sleeves as indifference appeared on her slightly raised eyebrows. "All these years, as the General of Longyuan Kingdom, my grandfather guarded the borderland for many years and my parents even sacrificed their lives for the country. However, you as the Kingdom's ruler, not only do you lust for beauties, you are also tyrannical and muddle-headed, attaching importance to devious people and ignoring the voices of your subordinates who are truly loyal! How are you not hurting the hearts of your subjects? Therefore, I shall come forth to teach you a lesson in place of my grandfather!" 


Just when the young lady's words were spoken, an old and weak sneer gradually sounded from the backyard.

Immediately afterward, an old man with a white beard with both his hands behind his back walked before Yun Luofeng in a few steps.

His footsteps were full of vitality as if he was riding a cloud and stepping on fog. He then spoke without enthusiasm, "The Yun family's Yun Luofeng, was it Yun Luo, that boy, who allowed you to cause a ruckus within the palace, or was it your own idea?"

Even though his tone was insipid, his aged eyes were arrogant and proud, and he seemed to think that Yun Luofeng was rather insignificant.

That young lady's entire body rested on Yun Xiao's chest and her bewitching eyes contained a trace of a smile. "Regardless of whether it was Grandfather who permitted me to come forth, or if it was my own idea, it's none of your business! My purpose of coming here is to force this dog Emperor to abdicate, and whoever obstructs me, I will definitely kill them!"

Egotistical arrogance!

If anyone obstructs, she will kill them!

Within the entire Longyuan Kingdom, who had the audacity to speak such arrogant words in front of the Imperial Family's number one expert?

Only Yun Luofeng!

It was hard to tell if this woman was truly confident or just extremely foolish.

"Yun Luofeng, this old man does not care what the Imperial Family has done to the Yun Family, but you must be clear on one point. If the monarch wants the subject to die, the subject must die! Those who violate the monarch's orders are guilty of treason!"

The old man's indifferent gaze looked down at Yun Luofeng, while both his hands were on his back and his white robes floated in the air. He had an extraordinary bearing with ample loftiness.

Yun Luofeng raised her legs and her arrogant eyes, to look down upon the old man. "I only know of one sentence. The winner becomes the king and loser becomes the thief! If Gao Tu fails, he can only be a bandit. I don't think that the winner has to lower their head towards the bandits."

The old man slightly narrowed his eyes as he coldly stared at the young lady reclined on the palanquin.

The young lady's current posture was egotistical and domineering. Her gaze was like a winner who always won, with unbridled arrogance and overlooking the whole world.

Looking at such a domineering young lady, the old man's heart suddenly had some uncertainty. After all, the gaze of Yun Luofeng seemed to belong to a sovereign king. Not to mention Gao Tu this moron, even the family head of the Spirit Sect did not possess such gaze.

"Yun family's Yun Luofeng, with me here today, don't even think about harming Gao Tu in the slightest manner. Furthermore, if I were to fight against the Yun Family, you wouldn't benefit from it either. So how about giving me face and leaving?"

Hearing the old man's words, the corner of Yun Luofeng's lips could not help but curve up once again. Mocking intent was revealed within her slightly raised eyebrows. 

"How much money is your face worth, for you to be worthy of me giving you face?"

Her speech was full of provocation, arrogance, and aggressiveness, causing the old man's expression to change instantly.


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