Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 285

"Trash?" Yun Luofeng smiled as her arrogant eyes were filled with confidence. "In my eyes, no one is a trash! There are only people who are willing to work hard and those unwilling to work hard. As long as you are willing, you can break through extremely fast even if your aptitude is inferior to others!"

No one was a true trash!

This sentence had aroused the hearts of everyone within the Steel and Raging Flame Corps.

That's right! There was no trash in this world, and as long as they strived hard and endured hardships, they could still become outstanding and stand on the pinnacle of the mainland even if their aptitude was inferior to others.

"What Master says is right," Zhong Ling'er stood out and resolution could be seen on her adorable baby face. "We are not inferior compared to those so-called geniuses. At least we are willing to invest more effort and endure more hardships than an ordinary person!"

Within this half-year's time, it was not just to the credit of the medicinal liquid that allowed the members to break through with flying speed. After all, the medicinal liquid was only a supplemental aid, and what truly caused them to grow was the blood, sweat, and tears they invested!

Six months of time, for innumerable days and nights, they had been training while neglecting their sleep and forgetting about food. No one was willing to lag behind!

It was their own efforts that had brought them to the point they were today!

After saying that, Zhong Ling'er's aura burst forth, and at the same time the others released their strength, causing the entire Imperial Palace to be shrouded in their auras.

"High-level cultivators? Ten high-level cultivators?" Gao Ling's foot retreated a few steps back and with a bang sound, his entire body had fiercely fallen against the wall. His pale expression was filled with astonishment. "How could this be? Even if you have the ability to let them become a genius from being a trash, it's simply impossible for humans to have broken through and become a high-level cultivator within a short half-year's time!"


All of a sudden, this word emerged from Gao Ling's mind, as his gaze towards Yun Luofeng contained fear.

This woman was a god! Otherwise, how could she make those trash break through at such speed?

Luckily, Yun Luofeng herself was still a trash. Otherwise, the Yun Family was truly going to overturn the skies!

"Gao Ling, you moron!" Gao Tu finally recovered his senses and a fierce slap landed on Gao Ling's face.

Even if Gao Ling's reputation was notorious, Gao Tu had never raised his hands to lecture him. However, because of the unforeseen events of the Yun Family, he finally could not help but raise his hands against Gao Ling. His handsome face was incomparably ashen.

"These are the trash you had gathered for the Yun Family?"

Gao Ling's body trembled as a bitter smile hung on his lips.

He knew that regardless of how he tried to explain himself, it was useless. His Imperial Father would never believe him! In fact, the strength of this group of people was too shocking, so how could he believe they were still trash six months ago?

"Idiot, Imbecile!" Gao Tu ruthlessly trampled on Gao Ling's chest as he shouted in a stern voice. "I've always known you were silly, but I never thought you were foolish to such an extent, to actually send these people to the Yun Family! If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have let you take charge of the matters that day!"

After lecturing Gao Ling, Gao Tu's line of sight turned towards Yun Luofeng as he coldly snorted, "Yun Luofeng, so what if you have so many high-level cultivators in your hands? The strongest within our Imperial Family is of high-level advanced rank. As soon as the news of you trespassing in the palace is known by him, he will arrive to settle you all in a moment's time. Hahaha!"

The reason he was not in the least fearful was because of the strongest cultivator within the Imperial Family! As long as he was here, no one who trespassed in the Imperial Palace could leave here unscathed!


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