Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 282

Mu Wushuang's body trembled as she looked at Mu Xingchou and Mu Wuchen who had fallen on the ground and her eyes revealed traces of panic. "No, I don't want to die! I want to continue living!"

Even ants knew how to drag on their lives, let alone Mu Wushuang who was afraid of death. Therefore, it was impossible for such a person to commit suicide!

"I've already given you a chance," Yun Luofeng paused for a moment before she continued speaking, "therefore, you can't commit suicide in the future even if you want to. Mu Shen, she shall be handed over to you. I believe you won't disappoint me."

Mu Shen?

Hearing his name, a touch of surprise appeared within her gaze as she looked up at the young man walking towards her.

That young man's expression was very calm, without the distinctive qualities of a dandy man. His eyes were filled with hatred as he looked towards Mu Wushuang who had a foolish expression on her face, and said in a sneering manner, "Mu Wushuang, I'm sure you didn't expect this, for you to have a day like this. Hahaha."

Mu Wushuang, who was above others and didn't take anyone seriously, could only let go of her attitude and beg for forgiveness here in a petty and lowly manner.

Speaking of it, it sure was a joke.

"Mu Shen!" Mu Wushuang was shocked as she stared blankly at the young man appearing before her. "Why is it you? Were you the one who brought Yun Luofeng here?"

Mu Shen raised the corner of his lips and laughed sneeringly, "That's right."

These two words had thoroughly caused Mu Wushuang to sink into madness. Her face turned unsightly as she shouted in hatred, "Mu Shen, a traitor like you who betrayed the Mu Family will definitely not have a peaceful death!"

If it weren't for Yun Luofeng suddenly appearing here, perhaps she might have left together with the people from the Tian family. Even if she were to enter into the Tian family as a drug tester, it was much better than falling into Yun Luofeng's hands.

After all as a drug tester, as long as she had the opportunity, she could put Tian Ke beneath her feet and replace her!

However right now, all her great ambitions were shattered, all because of Mu Shen the traitor!

"Traitor?" Mu Shen sneeringly laughed, "I'm indeed a traitor within the Mu Family, but you aren't any better! Grandfather pampered you so much and gave you all the good things since you were young. In spite of that, you did not care about his life or death! Don't tell me you aren't a traitor?"

Every word of that young man had hit her where it hurt, causing Mu Wushuang's heart to violently tremble.

She suddenly plopped and knelt before Mu Shen and both her hands tightly grabbed onto his thigh while she implored him "Mu Shen, I beg you to let me off, looking at the fact that we are relatives. If you let me off this time, I will definitely work extremely hard to pay you back in the future."

Mu Shen slightly closed his eyes and at the time when he opened his eyes, the hatred within his eyes turned into sarcasm. "Mu Wushuang, you caused the death of my sister, and just that is sufficient for me to take revenge against you!

Hearing this, Mu Wushuang's hands gradually loosened as her body fell weakly to the ground. Her deathly pale face was filled with despair.

She knew that she had met her end this time around!

"Master," Mu Shen glanced at Mu Wushuang before turning to walk towards Yun Luofeng as he cupped his fist respectfully. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity to take revenge against my enemy. In the future, this life of mine will belong to you, and only you can take away my life!"

His addressing of Yun Luofeng was no longer Divine Physician nor Miss Yun but was instead directly addressing her as Master. The meaning of his words was very clear.


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