Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 281

Mu Xingchou slightly shut his eyes, and as he recalled the ridiculing words he had told Yun Luofeng, he felt that it was such a joke on his part.

That's right! The Mu Family indeed had two outstanding women that could be sent into the Imperial Family. Especially Mu Wushuang, she was the future Empress, the mother of the land under heaven! The Yun Family had nothing, and even Yun Luofeng's engagement with the Crown Prince had been retracted.

However, what use was it even if women of the Mu Family were outstanding? Didn't they still have to cling to the Imperial Family in order to survive?

While the Yun Family was unknowingly capable of putting the Imperial Family beneath their feet!"

"Yun Luofeng, do you truly not cherish old friendships?" Mu Xingchou opened his eyes and spoke overbearingly. "In any case, both I and your Grandfather are officials. Why are you being excessively ruthless?"

"Old friendships?

Yun Luofeng started laughing. Her laughter was filled with sarcasm. "When did the old friendship of us with the Mu Family come about? At that time when you revealed military intelligence and caused my parent's death, you should've expected such retribution to follow!

The heavens are watching whatever we do. For the Mu Family to have this outcome was the retribution that they should bear!

"Keke." Mu Xingchou laughed grimly, as his eyes glanced towards Mu Wushuang beside him. He then released a sigh before speaking. "Wushuang, I've indulged you too much over the years, thus causing you to commit so many wrongdoings, and to even betray the family! But regardless of how many wrong things you've done, you are still the bloodline of our Mu family. I had originally wanted to let you die without any pain, but now it seems like even that will be impossible."

After saying this, Mu Xingchou turned towards Mu Wuchen. "If you don't want to suffer too much pain, follow me and commit suicide."

When his words finished, Mu Xingchou did not hesitate to pull out his long sword and thrust it into his heart.


Fresh blood splatted out and stained the entire ground. Mu Xingchou's body trembled slightly before gradually falling to the ground.

"Grandfather!" The rims of Mu Wuchen's eyes instantly turned red and he stared at Yun Luofeng fiercely. "Yun Luofeng, compared to the Mu family, you aren't any better. You will surely meet your own retribution having killed so many people. When you die, you will definitely enter the 18th layer of Hell!


Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and the words she spoke were unruly and domineering, as her eyes were filled with madness that did not place the masses in her eyes. "If I do not enter hell then who should? When I reach there, I will kill the Mu family members once again!

"Hmph!" Mu Wuchen coldly snorted. "We'll see who kills who at that time! Yun Luofeng, I will be waiting for you in Hell!"


Mu Wuchen raised his palms and slapped on his skull. Momentarily, his skull was smashed into pieces by the palm strike, while brains mixed together with blood gradually flowed from the top of his head. 

Strictly speaking, Mu Wuchen only had a haughty personality. While the words he said were a little malicious, he did not participate in any of the matters that Mu Wushuang and Mu Xingchou had schemed up! At most he had only helped Mu Wushuang deal with a few women who had clung to the Crown Prince.

However, Yun Luofeng did not have any intention to let him off!

It was a must to remove the roots! If she were to let Mu Wuchen live, he would definitely do something that would hurt the General's Estate with his hatred toward her! It was impossible for her to stay within the General's Estate forever.

For her loved ones, she would not regret it even if she were to be spit on and cursed by everyone!

Yun Luofeng swept a glance at the two dead bodies that fell on the ground and turned her gaze to Mu Wushuang. "I'll give you a chance. You can choose to commit suicide like them, or… let me dispose of you. Of course, if you chose the latter and want to commit suicide in the future, I'm afraid you won't have the opportunity anymore."


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