Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 279

He had deliberately lowered his volume when he spoke that sentence because he knew that his Master did not wish to reveal his identity. Otherwise, with the selfish personality of those people from the Xiao family, they would definitely not let go of the opportunity to pester his Master.

However, even if his voice was suppressed and he spoke extremely softly, Yun Luofeng could still clearly hear him with her capabilities.

She lightly raised her eyebrows and looked towards the ice-cold handsome man. Her narrowed black eyes contained a dangerous glint. "Yun Xiao, explain to me when we get back what exactly this is about."

Yun Xiao was startled but managed to nod his head. "Alright."


Currently, within the courtyard of the Prime Minister's Estate, Mu Wushuang's entire being was foolishly seated like a sculpture as her lifeless gaze was staring at Qin Yuan who stood in front of her. Seemingly, she hadn't recovered her senses from his words.

"Impossible, he's only a bodyguard! How could he be…"

Her voice was trembling, and even her chest throbbed violently. There was no color on her ashen face, and before she finished her words, she had been interrupted by Qin Yuan's mocking voice.

"Who asked my Master's woman to be so outstanding that my Master would willingly accompany her? Of course, you couldn't beat her on this point even if you wasted your entire lifetime."

Qin Yuan's words were like a sharp knife that ruthlessly stabbed Mu Wushuang's heart, causing her eyes that were originally filled with despair to be filled with hatred, and her gaze was full of unwillingness and anger.

From the start, she thought that the Ghost Emperor was an ugly man. That was why he had used a mask when revealing himself to the masses. It did not occur to her that the Ghost Emperor looked cool and extremely handsome. He was so perfect that it caused one's heart to beat faster! The rest of the men in the world couldn't compare to him! More importantly, he was infatuated with Yun Luofeng!

But why was such an outstanding man only interested in Yun Luofeng? In what aspect was she lacking compared to her? Especially as this Ghost Emperor was actually perfectly willing to stay by a woman's side as a bodyguard.

All of a sudden...

Mu Wushuang recalled her initial insult towards Yun Xiao.

At that time she humiliated him saying that a small bodyguard did not even have the qualifications to look at her!

But she would have never have thought that a small bodyguard like him was an existence of such a grand reputation!

Once she thought of this, Mu Wushuang wanted to give herself a tight slap! If only she had not humiliated Yun Xiao previously, perhaps the Ghost Emperor would have some tender, protective feelings for her, and she would not be in such circumstances?

Clearly, Mu Wushuang had truly thought too much of herself. Even if she did not say those words previously, she was still an existence that must die in Yun Xiao's heart! Who had asked her to offend Yun Luofeng?

Everyone that offended Yun Luofeng must die!

"Mu Wushuang," Qin Yuan raised the corner of his lips as his eyes were filled with teasing, "you and Gao Ling are sure a perfect match. Both of you are brain-dead! Truly a match made in heaven! Only Gao Ling would have fallen for such a woman like you. But it's pretty good, at least he allowed my Master to pick up a treasure."

As if he was afraid that Mu Wushuang wasn't angry enough, Qin Yuan continued to stab her with his words.

His contemptuous voice was like a sharp thorn, stabbing her whole heart to have a thousand holes and be drenched with blood.

After that...

Mu Wushuang whose whole heart was filled with anger had an unsightly face. She then pounced toward the palanquin with a sinister expression. "Yun Luofeng, you slut, I'm going to kill you! It's all because of you, if it weren't for you, I would have never fallen into such a situation! It's all your fault!"


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