Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 278


Just when Mu Wushuang had said these words, a grey-robed figure suddenly fell into the crowd from the ancient tree within the courtyard.

"Er… I'm sorry," Qin Yuan laughed mockingly and got up. "I couldn't bear it and fell down."

As his Master disliked him to appear out in the open, he had hidden in the tree! He didn't think that after suddenly hearing Mu Wushuang's self-opinionated words, he would receive an enormous shock and carelessly fell down.

"Who are you?"

Mu Xingchou's expression changed. He didn't expect there was someone watching from the sidelines in a secret place when the Mu family and Yun family were fighting each other! Even he did not notice that person.

Just how strong was this man?

"You're asking me?" Qin Yuan turned towards Mu Xingchou and laughed. "I'm sure the Crown Prince of the Longyuan Kingdom knows me. It was me who sent him into the Bamboo House and I also managed to sell him for a great price. Tsk tsk, I have to say that the Crown Prince's figure was extremely good and the customers within the Bamboo House loved it."

Of course, even if this Crown Prince's figure was good, it couldn't be compared to his own Master's physique.

"You are the Ghost Emperor's subordinate?" Hearing Qin Yuan's words, Mu Wushuang was internally delighted. "Are you here to save me?"

Qin Yuan laughed awkwardly, "This... aren't you mistaken about something? My Master isn't acquainted with you, so why would he ask me to save you?"

Not acquainted?

These two words caused Mu Wushuang's expression to change. "If he doesn't like me, why is he a rival with the Crown Prince for my affection?"

Qin Yuan's face still had a smile, yet his eyes revealed a dense ridicule.

"The one my Master likes is the Yun family's Yun Luofeng and he wasn't a rival with Gao Ling for her affection. It's because Gao Ling was extremely irritating and was always pestering my Master's future wife. Therefore, my Master asked me to throw him into the Bamboo House so that they could have silence for a period of time.

Rival for affection?

Gao Ling, that b*stard, didn't have the qualifications to compete with his Master for Yun Luofeng's affection! The actions of his Master that day were only that of chasing away a housefly that was pestering his woman, so where did being a rival for affection come about?


Mu Wushuang's expression instantly became incomparably pale as she once again retreated a few steps. With a bang sound, her butt fell to the ground and her pale expression was similar to a dead person's gray face.

The person the Ghost Emperor likes is Yun Luofeng?

Why? Why was Yun Luofeng's luck always so good? Even the Ghost Emperor loved her deeply? What was even funnier was that she thought the Ghost Emperor had fallen for her!

Suddenly, Mu Wushuang seemed to have recalled something as her hoarse voice contained a trace of madness, "Hahaha! The person the Ghost Emperor likes is actually Yun Luofeng! It's sure unfortunate, Yun Luofeng that slut had improper relations with her bodyguard and has lost her innocence. I can't see how the Ghost Emperor would continue to like her!"

Hearing Mu Wushuang's mad words, Qin Yuan prudently shot a glance towards the cold and unfeeling man seated on the palanquin and his whole body was covered with cold sweat.

He knew that he did not deal with the matter well initially, causing Mu Wushuang to be mistaken that his Master liked her, and this matter would definitely cause his Master to be extremely discontented! But how could he have known that this woman would be narcissistic to this extent?

As if feeling the killing intent on that man's body increasing, Qin Yuan was terrified and his head shrank down on his shoulders. Afraid that he would be tied to her fate, he instantly turned to look at Mu Wushuang who was laughing frantically and spoke in a sarcastic manner, "My apologies, the bodyguard you mentioned that had improper relations with Miss Yun -- is my Master."


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