Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 277

Qingyan stood facing Mu Wushung with teasing intent. "Mu Wushuang, remember how you bullied my Miss that year? Now it's time for you to get back what you gave out!


Just when Mu Wushuang wanted to open her mouth to speak, another palm strike landed, instantly causing her body to fling out with fresh blood continuously spurting out from her mouth.


The entire Prime Minister Estate was deathly silent!

As Yun Luofeng's personal maidservant, no one was unaware of what sort of capability she had! However, at this moment, this obscure and unknown little maidservant suddenly had a cultivation of high-level low rank? What would be even more shocking than this?

At this very moment, Mu Wushuang no longer had any thoughts left to notice Qingyan's strength. She despairingly gazed at the direction the people from the Tian family had left, while her heart suddenly sank to the lowest point.

An unprecedented panic invaded her heart, and she hastily got up from the ground while dashing towards Mu Xingchou.

"Grandfather, I know my mistakes. Your granddaughter knows her mistakes. Please, I beg you to save me, please go to the Imperial Palace to beg the Empress. As long as the Empress speaks up, the Emperor will definitely save me."

Mu Xingchou closed his eyes and opened them after he had recovered his senses, but they were filled with disappointment. "Wushuang, since now you're regretting it, why did you do it from the start? Previously you first abandoned the Mu family, and now that the Tian family gave up on you, you're begging me to save you? I only want to know, how should I save you?"

Hearing Mu Xingchou's words, Mu Wushuang thought that the other party still remembered their family ties and her eyes instantly brightened. "There's the Spirit Sect supporting the Longyuan Kingdom behind the scenes. You can head to the Imperial Palace and beg the Empress. The Emperor pampers the Empress the most and he will definitely save me because of the Empress! If the Emperor is willing to save me, he can invite the strong cultivator from the Spirit Sect. That way, Yun Luofeng that slut cannot kill me."

Mu Xingchou was Mu Wushuang's last hope to save her life, so she had firmly grabbed onto him while appealing to him.

"Wushuang, I'm unable to save you."

Mu Xingchou shook his head. "Not to mention me, even the Emperor cannot save you, nor save the Mu family."

"Grandfather!" Mu Wushuang shrieked involuntarily as she spoke angrily, "I'm your granddaughter, how can you not save me? I know you definitely have the means to save me! You cannot see me die without saving me! Otherwise, the soul and spirit of my deceased parents would absolutely never let you off!"


Mu Wuchen raised his hands and slapped Mu Wushuang as his expression was grave and stern while speaking. "Mu Wushuang, it was you who betrayed the family first. What right do you have now to blame others for not saving you?"

Not only did this slap not make Mu Wushuang calm down, but instead it caused her to be increasingly frantic. Her entire person had become unsightly.

"The whole Mu family isn't worth anything! Sooner or later, I will let all of you pay the price, Hahaha!" She laughed frantically three times and gradually turned towards Yun Luofeng with hatred in her eyes. "Yun Luofeng, you can't kill me! Otherwise, the Ghost Emperor would never let you off!"

Ghost Emperor?

When Mu Wushuang said this, she completely did not notice that Yun Xiao's expression abruptly turned cold. Waves of killing intent were surging forth from his cold eyes.

"Yun Luofeng, you probably didn't know that right? The reason why Gao Ling was sent to the Bamboo House was that the Ghost Emperor had taken a liking to me. Whereas Gao Ling wanted to fight with him over me, therefore the Ghost Emperor sent people to throw him into the Bamboo House! As such, if you dare to touch even a strand of my hair, the Ghost Emperor will definitely not forgive you if he finds out!"

Mu Wushuang chuckled coldly and her face no longer had fear on it, instead, it had been replaced with a look of being proud of herself.


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