Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 276

Mu Wushuang's body started to lightly tremble while her beautiful eyes filled with suffering looked at Tian Ke. Her gorgeous face was deathly pale, with despair in her eyes.

"Miss Tian Ke, what did you just say?"

Even till now, she couldn't believe that the Tian family came for her in order to become a drug tester.

"Mu Wushuang, do you still not understand?" Tian Ke raised her ice-cold face filled with arrogance. "I thought I had already said it in an easy to understand manner, I didn't think that you were so stupid as to not understand. Who do you think you are? A person like you who can even abandon your family just for your own selfish gain, how could our Tian family use you? By raising you, it's tantamount to raising a white-eyed wolf!"

Mu Wushuang's body trembled more and more as she struggled to get up off the ground while clenching her fist tightly. "Miss Tian Ke, it was you who said it. If I were to become someone from the Tian family, I shouldn't care about the life and death of others. I only listened to your orders, so what wrong did I do?"

Hearing Mu Wushuang's words that sounded a bit crazy, Tian Ke sneeringly raised the corner of her lips. "That's right, those words were indeed said by me. However, it was your decision to follow them! A person who would even abandon their own family will definitely betray the Tian family. On what basis do you think you're important to us?"

As if five lightning strikes had fallen, Mu Wushuang stumbled a few steps. She had to support herself against a huge tree beside her so that she would not fall on the ground.

What was a drug tester? It was impossible that Mu Wushuang as a physician didn't know!

A drug tester was someone who tested medicine. Some physicians would prepare several drug testers to test medicine for them! In this case, the life and death of a drug tester were dependent on the physician's abilities!

What a joke that the Tian family looked for her to make her into a drug tester, while she had ruthlessly betrayed her family who loved and pampered her in order to enter the Tian family!


Mu Wushuang gave a heart-wrenching shout. Her voice was mournful, while two teardrops of despair gradually flowed down from her beautiful eyes.

She wasn't willing!

She was unwilling to be defeated here! She had yet to stand on the pinnacle of the mainland, nor had she achieved being a god physician. How could she be resigned to fall in front of Yun Luofeng?

Tian Yu coldly glanced at Mu Wushuang before looking to speak to Tian Ke beside him.

"Tian Ke, let's go."

Tian Ke lightly nodded her head and followed Tian Yu's footsteps to walk out of the courtyard.

When she walked past Yun Luofeng, she paused for a moment and deliberately lowered her voice to speak. "I don't wish to argue with you because of Tian Yu this time around, but if I encounter you in the future, I will definitely not let you off easy!"

Yun Luofeng lightly raised her eyebrows, as her pitch-black eyes contained a devilish charming smiling intent. "Sure! As long you have the capability!"

Even though she had a smile on her face, her tone was incomparably arrogant, causing Tian Ke's expression to suddenly change. She gripped her sword hilt even tighter, and she had to take a deep breath before she managed to restrain the anger that was about to gush forth.

Alas, Tian Ke walked out of the courtyard in great strides without turning back.


Looking at both their disappearing figures, Mu Wushuang finally experienced terror as she quickly threw herself towards them. "Miss Tian Ke, I know my mistakes, please don't go!"


Before she had the time to rush out, the image of a beautiful woman flashed past and a palm strike fell on Mu Wushuang's chest. Suddenly, her body once again flipped and flew out before fiercely slamming on the ground.


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