Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 275

"My apologies, then both of you will have to stay!"

The young lady's voice was arrogant with confidence, causing Tian Ke to reflexively clench her fist. Her aura emerged prominently all around her body, but just when she was about to take action, Tian Yu who was silent from the start reached out to stop her.

"Miss Yun," Tian Yu turned and looked at Yun Luofeng with a grave and stern expression, "the Tian family did not know you had a grudge against Mu Wushuang, and so we had wanted to bring her away. Since she has animosity with you, then we shall leave her for you today in return for a favor."

"Tian Yu?"

Tian Ke was stunned momentarily as she looked towards Tian Yu in confusion. A trace of anxiety was revealed in her eyes. "But, my drug tester…"

"Tian Ke," Tian Yu frowned, furrowed his brows, and spoke in a volume that only they could hear, "Mu Wushuang's physique is indeed unique, but she's not the only one in this world that is suited to become a high-grade drug tester. It's not worth it to offend these two because of her."

Only an outstanding talent could recognize current trends! So what if the Tian Family had Tian Ya whose name shocked the entire mainland? After all, Tian Ya wasn't here, and if they were to meet force with force against these people it would definitely not be good for them!

Therefore, Tian Yu had decisively made this decision.

Above the palanquin, Yun Luofeng stuck both her legs up as her hands lightly tapped on her thigh. "It's a given that Mu Wushuang had to stay, but you actually used this as a pretext to ask me for a favor? My favor's extremely precious, and I'm afraid you can't afford it."

"You…" Tian Ke's icily cold pair of eyes gradually contained anger. "You better not go too far! Tian Yu is our Tian family's…"

"Tian Ke!" Tian Yu coldly swept a glance at Tian Ke and interrupted her words. Then, he turned his gaze towards Yun Luofeng. "Miss Yun, then what do you think would be fitting?"

Yun Luofeng raised her chin lightly as a smile filled with madness hung on her breathtaking appearance. "You have to owe me a favor!"

"Alright." Tian Yu took a deep breath, "I promise you."

"Tian Yu!"

Tian Ke cried out involuntarily. Just when she finished, Tian Yu grabbed her arm and said, "Let's go!"

At this place, he was practically unaware of what was going on! Even though that unfeeling black-robed man had maintained his silence since his appearance, his incomparably sharp glance was directed at him all along. If he continued to stay for even a moment more, he would inevitably be unable to endure that man's gaze and collapse on the floor!

This was also the reason why he had abandoned Mu Wushuang!

Especially just now when he asked for Yun Luofeng to owe them a favor, he felt that even his breathing became sluggish at that moment, as if he would meet his demise here!

This unfeeling man was too terrifying. So frightening that it caused one's heart to tremble.


Mu Wushuang did not know what happened, or why both of the Tian family's people wanted to abandon her! Turning pale from fright, she hastily ran towards Tian Ke and raised her hands to grab her sleeve while anxiously saying, "Miss Tian Ke, don't leave, don't leave me here! I will definitely do my utmost to cultivate after entering Tian family, I will absolutely not disappoint you!"


Tian Ke mockingly laughed as she caused Mu Wushuang's body to fall on the ground with a kick, and spoke with a cold face, "You're still thinking of going to the Tian family to cultivate? Dream on! Do you truly think I came here because I had noticed your talents? You still want to become superior to others? Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror! To tell you the truth, it's because your physique is suitable to become my drug tester. That is why I had the intention to bring you into the Tian family. Otherwise, you wouldn't have the qualifications to enter that sort of place in your lifetime!"

At this very moment, Tian Ke had vented all her anger towards Yun Luofeng on Mu Wushuang!


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