Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 274

Comparatively speaking, these people from the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps were luckier.

Not only did they have Marrow-cleansing Medicinal Liquid to change their innate talent, they even had access to Spirit-gathering Medicinal Liquid to increase their strength. With those resources, these people were able to grow to such a realm in a short half-year's time.

Of course, the ranks before a high-level spirit cultivator were relatively more common and so easier to break through. However, after reaching the realm of a high-level spirit cultivator, the cultivation would become extremely difficult, with every step similar to climbing a mountain.


Tian Ke coldly swept a glance towards Mu Xingchou, with disdain flashing through her eyes.

The moment when the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps appeared, she had already sensed the might of these people. Who would have thought that Mu Xingchou was so fearless to show off his ability here!


Tian Ke slightly narrowed her eyes and glanced towards that pair of a handsome man and woman, and took a short sharp breath.

These two people gave her the feeling of being extremely dangerous!

That unfeeling man had caused her to be restrained with fear, whereas for that gorgeous white-robed young lady… she felt dangerous in terms of her aura! It was as if she would fall into a trap the young lady arranged if she was careless, to the extent of having no hope of escape!

"Excuse me, I hope that you will make things easy for us. I must take Mu Wushuang away, whereas you can take care of the others however you like." Tian Ke cupped her fist and spoke.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows lightly. "I still have some debts to settle with Mu Wushuang, so she has to stay."

"Miss Yun," Tian Ke's expression turned slightly colder and her tone became unfriendly, "You better think this through; being enemies with the Tian Family isn't worthwhile! I've heard that you're a physician. If you allow me to bring Mu Wushuang away, you can ask me for advice at the Tian Family in the future if you encounter any questions. I will definitely answer your queries."

"Miss Tian Ke," Mu Wushuang said somewhat anxiously, "Yun Luofeng isn't someone worthy, so how can you direct her to the Tian family and look for you? You…"

"You better shut up!" Tian Ke coldly threw Mu Wushuang a glance. "Do I have to get your permission on how I handle affairs? What do you think you are? Without me, you're nothing!"

Mu Wushuang shut her mouth but her beautiful eyes were filled with unwillingness and anger, as her unwavering gaze stared at Yun Luofeng.

Why did Tian Ke adopt an overbearing attitude towards her, but change her appearance in the face of Yun Luofeng?


She was unwilling! She was indignant to have lost to Yun Luofeng in every aspect!

Mu Wuchen who saw Mu Wushuang chided by Tian Ke, couldn't help but chuckle sneeringly, "Mu Wushuang, only Grandfather and me truly cared for you in the past. You think that you've managed to hang on a higher power's thigh, but in other people's heart, you're nothing!"

"Keke," Mu Wushuang coldly laughed, "even if I am a dog within the Tian family, it's still better than being the Miss of the Prime Minister's Estate!"

Even if her identity was a dog, she had the opportunity to use her position to bully others!

Furthermore, with Tian Ke and Tian Yu's protection, Yun Luofeng couldn't kill her even if she wanted to!

Thinking this, Mu Wushuang no longer spoke as she silently stayed beside Tian Ke. However, the gaze she directed at Yun Luofeng still contained hatred! That look of hers was as if she wished she could dismember the other's body into a thousand pieces!

"You can leave," A pair of devilish black pair of eyes swept past Tian Ke, and Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips, "however, Mu Wushuang must stay!"

Regardless, she persisted on what she said earlier on, that Mu Wushuang absolutely must stay here!

Tian Ke's facial expression suddenly changed. "What if I were to take her away forcefully?"


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