Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 273

"It's you!"

Mu Xingchou saw Zhong Ling'er who was standing beside the palanquin with a glance. His eyes were filled with flames of fury, and he wished that he could rush over and ruthlessly beat her up. Ultimately, he managed to restrain himself.

Unwavering eyes filled with rage stared at Yun Luofeng, the hatred evident on his aged face. "Yun Luofeng! The Yun family! I was already suspicious before. There weren't that many people that our Mu family had offended, so why was there someone who was acting against us? I didn't think that the one who schemed against us behind the scenes would actually be you!"

It was such a joke that everyone had been tricked by her, and hadn't realized that this young lady had managed to secretly develop such a formidable strength!

Yun Luofeng's posture was languid yet satisfied. Her hands leaned on the palanquin's support as she slightly raised her eyes to glance at Mu Xingchou. "I have to thank Gao Ling for this. If he hadn't taken the trouble to find me this crowd of people, my power wouldn't have increased so quickly."

Mu Xingchou's expression suddenly became increasingly unsightly. "The people the Crown Prince found for you were all people with low aptitude. It's impossible for them to be this group of people! Yun Luofeng, your actions of armed rebellion will undoubtedly cause your nine generations to be executed!"

"Execution of my nine generations?" Yun Luofeng lightly chuckled, "I'm unsure what qualifications you have to execute my family members. Not to mention that these people were personally given to me by the Crown Prince, so what if I had secretly recruited men? If I truly wanted to seize the throne, the title of the Emperor wouldn't still belong to him."

Mu Xingchou was stunned. He couldn't believe that this young lady was so arrogant that she would say such rebellious words in a public place with numerous people. Even if she had the General's Estate as her backing, it couldn't compare to the Imperial Family.

Don't forget that there was still a high-level advanced-rank cultivator within the Imperial Family, while the strongest person the Yun family had was Yun Luo. No matter how strong Yun Luo was, his current strength was only in the high-level low-rank.

Yun Luo simply couldn't compare with the number one person within the Imperial Family.

"Yun Luofeng."

After knowing the master behind the scene of Steel and Raging Flame Corps was Yun Luofeng, Mu Xingchou's heart calmed down and he spoke sneeringly, "Within this half a year, you've indeed caused others to sit up and take notice of you. Unfortunately, regardless of how powerful the forces are that you have in your hands, you are still a waste! Today, since you dared to intrude in my Estate, I will definitely make sure you never leave!"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and questioned with a smile that wasn't really a smile, "You think you have the qualification to say such words?"

After the young lady's words had been spoken, everyone within the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps no longer hid their aura, but instead released their might, encasing the entire Estate.

After Mu Xingchou, who was originally confident in himself sensed the aura of these people, his aged expression instantly became deathly pale. Both his eyes were wide open in shock, and even his body shook violently.

"Ten high-level low-rank and the others are all middle-level high-rank, this… is impossible!"

Within the entire Longyuan Kingdom, there were only two high-level cultivators! Even Yun Qingya who was once known as the genius was only a middle-level high-rank cultivator! He didn't expect for ten high-level cultivators to appear all of a sudden.

However, Yun Qingya was only twelve years old that year, and he had only trained for two years. He was indeed a genius to have broken through to be a middle-level high-rank cultivator in two year's time without any external aid.

After all, the General's Estate within the Longyuan Kingdom was not a force like the Spirit Sect. For a power as strong as the Spirit Sect, the disciples within would begin testing for their aptitude when they were six, before choosing a suitable cultivation method. Since Yun Qingya was born in the secular world, he only attempted the test for his talents when he was ten years old!


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