Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 272

The past experiences were like running water, rushing forth into Mu Wushuang's mind.

However, these experiences did not even arouse any guilt within her and had instead caused her internal hatred to increase. She raised her hand and ruthlessly slapped away Mu Wuchen's hands that were tightly holding onto her arm and turned to face him.

"Mu Wuchen, even if you were buried under that spirit beast's claws that year, you had brought it upon yourself! I did not ask for you to save me, but you felt guilty and that's why you did it! Let me tell you, anyone who obstructs me from my future prospects will be my enemy! I will definitely not be lenient towards my enemies!"

Her words implied that if Mu Wuchen continued to obstruct her way, then she would not be courteous towards him!

Mu Xingchou had already recovered from his initial rage. The moment he slightly shut his eyes, his entire being seemed extremely aged. "Wuchen, let her leave!"

"Grandfather!" Mu Wuchen cried out involuntarily.

"Let her get lost!" Mu Xingchou opened his eyes as his gaze stared deeply towards Mu Wushuang. "However, I hope you do not regret your actions today!"

"Regret?" Mu Wushuang sneered and raised the corner of her lips in ridicule, "I left the Mu Family to obtain a more powerful strength. What do I have to regret? Grandfather, it is you who caused my decision today! If it weren't for your strength being inferior to Yun Luo, I would never leave the Mu Family! This is all your fault because you're too worthless!"

Mu Wushuang had practically shouted out the last sentence, her eyes filled with rage, "I want to enter the Tian Family! I want to be more powerful! I want Yun Luofeng that slut to kneel down and beg for forgiveness!"

Mu Xingchou seemed to see the real Mu Wushuang for the first time as he stared without blinking at her eyes that were filled with hatred. So it turns out that the years he had pampered her couldn't be compared to her pursuit of power! Why should he try to retain such a granddaughter?

"Grandfather, when I leave I will bring Gao Ling along with me. Furthermore, I will use the Tian Family's authority to order Yun Luofeng to become Gao Ling's concubine very soon. At that time, I can torture her however I wish. Can the Mu Family achieve this?"

Her hatred for Yun Luofeng had caused Mu Wushuang's expression to turn unsightly, while she spoke malevolently.

"Since you're unable to achieve that, you don't have the qualifications to hold me back!" Mu Wushuang ruthlessly flung her clothes and turned while walking towards Tian Ke's side. "Miss Tian Ke, I have settled my affairs. From today onward, I am someone from the Tian Family, and I am willing to work extremely hard for them! Whereas for this Prime Minister Mu's Estate, its survival is not related to me!"

Just when Mu Wushuang's words were spoken, a devilish yet languid voice was suddenly heard from outside the courtyard, carrying a trace of mirth. "Leave? May I know where exactly you are rushing off to?"

For Mu Wushuang, this voice was extremely familiar! Instantly, the hatred in her eyes increased as she coldly stared outside of the courtyard.

Da Da Da!

First was a wave of orderly yet powerful footsteps that could be heard from outside the gate. Rows of trained military personnel entered the gate and instantly encircled the entire courtyard. 

After that...

Several women lifting a wide palanquin walked into the courtyard.

On this luxurious and spacious palanquin, the young lady's entire body was lying flat on that unfeeling man's thighs. Her right hand was supporting the back of her head, and her snow-white robe was flowing with the breeze, revealing her delicate collarbone. Her looks were incomparably breathtaking, with a slightly curved lip revealing that devilish smile of hers, and an indolent smiling intent that filled her pitch-black eyes.

Even the people from the Mu Family couldn't help but be stunned looking at the current Yun Luofeng.

The handsome man and beautiful woman seated within the palanquin looked so well matched together that it was like a perfect scene in a mural.

The man seemed to be discontented with the people looking towards the young lady as his callous eyes surveyed his surroundings. His expression was cold as if it was a long, sharp sword. The people who were within his reach had looked away as they felt a chill coming from the bottom of their feet up into their heart.


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