Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 271

"Mu Wushuang!" Mu Wuchen gnashed his teeth, and his eyes were emitting raging flames of anger. "You actually dare to ask what the Mu Family gave you? Don't tell me that so many years of luxurious living were all fake? Without the Mu Family, do you think you would have the achievements you have today? Within the entire Mu Family, Grandfather doted on you the most, but who would have thought that it is also you who is the cruelest and most unscrupulous!"

Hearing the voice of her own elder brother, the mocking on her lips was even more evident.

"But, the Mu Family did not make me into someone above others, and I am still being bullied by Yun Luofeng! If the Mu Family is that powerful, how could Yun Luofeng that slut dare to bully me? I do not blame myself for leaving Mu Family as I only blame that you do not have enough strength to make me want to stay."

If it was said that Mu Wushuang still felt guilty for her initial decision, then right now the actions of these family members had caused the guilt in her heart to disappear completely without a trace.

However, at the time when Mu Wushuang was fighting with Mu Wuchen, they did not notice Mu Shen's silhouette flashing past from a distance away.

"Brother, you're too selfish!" Mu Wushuang glanced at Mu Wuchen who was angered to the point of being unable to say anything else, with disappointment in her eyes, "If you all truly loved me, you should have never stopped me. Instead, you would rather the Mu Family meet its destruction than troubling me! However, you've insulted me using righteous words! Your actions will only make me loathe the Mu Family more!"

"Mu Wushuang!!!"

"Brother, I do not think I'm in the wrong. Every miller draws water to their own mill! In this world, I believe anyone who is looking from my perspective would make the same choices I did, without any exception! Even though that slut Yun Luofeng acts as if she values feelings and relationships, I believe she would never abandon the chance if she had the opportunity to reach heaven in a single bound!"

In Mu Wushuang's mind, all humans were selfish creatures without any exceptions. Therefore, she didn't think her actions were wrong! So what if the Mu Family had raised her up? That was done by them willingly and couldn't be used to restrict her actions!

"Miss Tian Ke," Mu Wushuang turned towards Tian Ke, "we can set off."

Tian Ke coldly nodded her head and a trace of ridicule flashed in her eyes...

To delusionally think of being above others based on her personality? She was simply dreaming! After reaching the Tian Family, she would then know how big of a mistake she made by abandoning her own Grandfather and brother.

Unfortunately, she no longer had the opportunity to make a choice.

"Mu Wushuang, hold it!" Mu Wuchen anxiously grabbed onto Mu Wushuang's arms. "Are you truly that heartless, without any regards for the Mu Family? Right now there's not only the Steel and Raging Flame Corps, but also Yun Luofeng who is covetously eyeing us! With you leaving, the Mu Family will definitely meet its destruction. How can your conscience be at ease?"

Mu Wushuang stopped.

As she had her back facing Mu Wuchen, he was unable to see her expression.

However, seeing Mu Wushuang stop, he assumed there was a chance for her to return, and his expression couldn't help but become gentler.

"Wushuang, that year when you were bullied outside, it was me who brought a group of people to beat up those b*stards who bullied you. You admired the Crown Prince, so I prevented another woman from pursuing him and I have also helped you settle those who managed to attract him. Not only that, when we went out to experience life when we were young, I took a blow for you when you were attacked by spirit beasts, so you managed to stay alive. Don't tell me you've forgotten all these things?"


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