Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 270

To her, Mu Wushuang was only a drug tester. How could she be willing to stay additional days just for a drug tester? For her to be willing to wait until Mu Wushuang had completed her wedding was already considered bestowing favor on her, as normally she would never help a drug tester and waste her energy.

"Pack up and we'll leave immediately."

Tian Ke's words were cold and detached as usual. Mu Wushuang gnashed her teeth in hatred but did not reveal it in the slightest on her face. Her face was full of respect but her heart was full of resentfulness.

Tian Ke, just you wait, for the day when I succeed in the Tian Family, I shall also make you find yourself utterly isolated!

Outside the door, a servant maid who was secretly eavesdropping on their conversation went to find Mu Xingchu hastily and in great alarm to notify him of this matter! When Mu Xingchou found out that Mu Wushuang was about to leave with the Tian Family, he was suddenly enraged and he quickly went out to obstruct them in the courtyard.

Luckily Mu Wushuang required some time to pack her belongings, so by the time when Mu Xingchou rushed to the courtyard, he coincidentally met Mu Wushuang who was following behind of the two from the Tian Family.

"Wushuang!" Mu Xingchou's eyes became red through and through in a moment's time, faintly containing the flames of anger. "What are you doing right now? Could it be that you are going to abandon your family without any regards?"

From the start, Mu Xingchou did not worry about the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps because they had the Tian Family supporting their backs! Otherwise, in a situation of not knowing the other party's identity, he wouldn't dare to talk nonsense.

However, he didn't expect that the people from the Tian Family were going to leave just like that. Even his own granddaughter didn't care about their family's survival?

"Prime Minister Mu, you're wrong." Mu Wushuang's eyes slightly sunk. "I'm someone from the Tian Family. I only have one family, which is the Tians. The Mu Family is insignificant to me."

In order to prove her determination to Tian Ke, Mu Wushuang had even addressed Prime Minister Mu as such. Her motive was to draw a clear dividing line with the Prime Minister Estate!

Mu Xingchou's heart suddenly became incomparably ice-cold as he looked at Mu Wushuang's heartless expression in disbelief. "What did you call me? Mu Wushuang, don't forget, I am the one who raised you. Without me, where would you be? I have always doted and indulged you endlessly, but now that you've caught onto a higher branch, you're going to fall out with us and become hostile?

Mu Wushuang knitted her eyebrows tightly. "If you loved me dearly, you would not obstruct me from another path that is more suitable for my development. Being in the Mu Family will only hinder my footsteps! I must leave here if I want to succeed and step on the masses beneath my feet!"

Her tone was filled with cold and detached feelings as if the elderly man who stood in her face wasn't a family member who raised her up, but a stranger instead.

Humans are all selfish, so even if she was initially angered by Tian Ke's words, she finally managed to calm down. As long as she could stand on the pinnacle, not to mention if she had to leave the Mu Family, even if she was asked to kill her relatives she would do it without hesitation!


A slap ruthlessly came from the side, hitting Mu Wushuang's face. Instantly, her head leaned to one side, with her hair messily hanging on her shoulder. Half of her face had become red and swollen.

Wiping the traces of blood on the corner of her lips, Mu Wushuang laughed coldly as her gaze turned towards the handsome man who had an angered face. She spoke sneeringly, "What right do you have to hit me?"

Mu Wuchen's complexion was ashen as he raised his hands, wanting to continue to slap her. But ultimately, he powerlessly dropped his hands.

"Mu Wushuang, he's your grandfather. The Mu's are your family. Are you going to disregard your family member's deaths and only care for yourself?"

Mu Wushuang laughed coldly. "Let me repeat myself. My family is the Tian's, the Mu's are of no relation to me! In what way am I wrong to be selfish? What has the Mu family given me all these years? Why should I abandon my opportunity to succeed for you?"


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