Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 269

If it failed, Yun Luo would be extremely disappointed! So, she chose to conceal it and wouldn't tell her grandfather the good news until Yun Qingya was really cured. After all, her grandfather was already at such an age that he could not stand great stimulations.

The Prime Minister's Estate.

Out of a boudoir filled with the scent of sandalwood, Mu Wushuang pushed the door and came in. Catching sight of Tian Ke, who was sitting in bed and meditating with her eyes closed, she hesitated for a while and then walked slowly to her.

"Miss Tian Ke, I think you've known what happened to the Mu Family recently. I'd like to ask you to help us."

Now that the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps dared to attack the Mu Family on her wedding day, it proved that they didn't put the royal family in their eyes! Therefore, she could only turn to Tian Ke for help. If Tian Ke was willing to help them, the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps would not be a problem at all.

Hearing Mu Wushuang's request, Tian Ke slightly opened her eyes, coldly glanced at the girl standing in front of her, and said indifferently, "I came here just to take you away. The issues of the Mu Family have nothing to do with me! Mu Wushuang, since you are going to be a member of the Tian Family, you'd better ignore these vulgar things."

Mu Wushuang felt her heart suddenly missed a beat, her face full of anxiety. "But, Miss Tian Ke, I was brought up by the Mu Family. How can I just abandon them?"

Slightly lifting her eyelids, Tian Ke answered arrogantly, "Mu Wushuang, if you care about the Mu Family so much, I can only give you up. I hope you give it some thought. Once you join the Tian Family, the Mu Family will have nothing to do with you, no matter what happens to them!"

Listening to her words, Mu Wushuang tightly clenched her hands, her face all pale. She looked up at the woman who was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, and a wave of resentment swept through her.

Both of them were members of the Tian Family. Why was Tian Ke able to give orders to her arrogantly but she had to stay humble and ingratiate herself with her, just to successfully enter the Tian Family?


She was not content!

What she wanted was a supreme status, not groveling before someone. Be it Yun Luofeng or Tian Ke, she would trample them underfoot one day!

Mu Wushuang clenched her fists more tightly, and then she raised her head with a firm look, "Miss Tian Ke, I understand. I won't be involved in the Mu Family's issues. They no longer have anything to do with me, whether they survive or get killed."

If she had to give up her family to be strong, she had no choice! She was sure that her grandfather would understand her choice.

"Good," Tian Ke flicked her sleeve, rose slowly from the bed and coldly stared at Mu Wushuang, "Mu Wushuang, get prepared, we are going to leave the Mu Family now."


Mu Wushuang was stunned, "The Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps are going to come against the Mu Family in two days, I…"

"Mu Wushuang," Tian Ke scowled at Mu Wushuang and interrupted her, "Did you forget what I told you just now? If you want to stay, I won't stop you. But I hope you won't regret it later!"

Struggling in her heart, Mu Wushuang closed her eyes and her eyelashes were trembling slightly. She knew that if she insisted staying in the Mu Family, she would lose an opportunity to become a member of the top class.

Mu Wushuang opened her eyes. Her eyes were determined and firm, without any sign of struggling, "Alright, Miss Tian Ke, I will leave with you."

Tian Ke nodded coldly.


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