Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 264

"My dear Wife," Gao Tu reached out his hand to help Noble Consort Mu up, speaking tenderly, "You can rest assured. I will find out who did these and give justice to the Mu Family!"

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

Smiling through tears, Noble Consort Mu stood up gracefully.

Just then, one of the guards waiting outside hurried into the hall and fell to his knees, reporting, "Your Majesty, a woman who called herself the Deputy Commander of the Raging Flame Corps is asking to see you."

Raging Flame Corps? Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps?

Hearing these words, Mu Xingchou couldn't hold his temper anymore. He sprang up, his eyes filled with rage, "How dare these people come to see us? Your Majesty, allow me to meet these b*stards!"

After saying this, Mu Xingchou strode out of the hall before Gao Tu got the time to issue an order.
Mu Wushuang hurriedly lifted the red cover on her head and looked anxiously at Mu Xingchou's receding figure. Finally, ignoring the people's glare, she chased him out.

In the courtyard, a lovely young girl was standing under a willow tree, her round big eyes were shining with bright luster and the two dimples on her cheek were intoxicating.

Zhong Ling 'er saw Mu Xingchou and his entourage at a glance, and with her bright eyes full of merriness said, " Prime Minister Mu, do you like the gift we prepared for you?"

"You... "Mu Xingchou angrily pointed at Zhong Ling 'er, his face red with anger, "How dare you! I don't know who gave you the courage to smash my estate and then come to the Crown Prince's Estate to see us!"

More importantly, he wanted to know who was behind the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps.

Zhong Ling 'er naughtily winked, " I just heard that today is the wedding day of the heiress of the Mu Family, Mu Wushuang and His Highness Crown Prince, so I prepared a surprise for you!"

A surprise? It was more like a scare! How dared the b*tch claim she was giving him a surprise by smashing his estate and burning all the properties of the Mu Family! How shameless she was!

"Of course, "Zhong Ling 'er glanced at the Prime Minister who chocked with anger, and said, "I came here to send you a gauntlet for my Master."

Mu Xingchou tried to suppress the anger in his heart, his old face purple with anger, his sharp eyes filled with burning flames that seemed to be able to burn the girl in front of him to death instantly.

"Where is the gauntlet?"

Mu Wushuang stepped out, coldly glanced at Zhong Ling 'er with her beautiful eyes and said, "I'll take it."

Zhong Ling 'er threw the gauntlet to Mu Wushuang, her bright eyes curved into a pair of crescent moons.

"My job is done, and it's time for me to go back. Don't bother to invite me to stay for dinner."

Invite you to stay for dinner?

D*mn you!

Looking at Zhong Ling 'er who turned around and left, Mu Xingchou couldn't suppress the anger in his heart anymore. What made the b*tch think that he would invite her to stay for dinner after she smashed his estate?

However, at this time, Mu Xingchou was still sober-minded. Although Zhong Ling 'er was rather hateful, she was just a messenger! If she had been killed here, her master would not have appeared.
Therefore, suppressing his inner rage, Mu Xingchou took the gauntlet from Mu Wushuang's hand and flipped it open, his face grim.

"The Mu Family will disappear in two days!"


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