Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 260

However, seeing the two people of the Tian Family having no intention to stop him, Mu Wushuang suppressed her inner feelings and said obediently, "Yes, Your Majesty."

"This way please." Gao Ling looked at Mu Wushuang and then drew back his sight. He respectfully showed Tian Yu and Tian Ke the way out.

"Hmm." Tian Ke answered coldly and left the main hall as guided by Gao Ling, her face cold and expressionless, her dark eyes filled with indifference.


After the two people left, Gao Tu turned to Mu Wushuang, "How have I been treating you these years?"

Mu Wushuang, with a slight shudder, bit her lips and said, "Your Majesty treats me as your own daughter. I appreciate you very much."

"Now that you know this, I am relieved." Gao Tu sighed, "Alas, my son has done such a brutal thing to you and let you suffer so much. I'm having him marry you because I want to compensate you."

Not saying anything, Mu Wushuang lowered her eyes to conceal the hatred in them. She would never forget what happened to her! Gao Ling would have to pay for what he did to her sooner or later!

"Wushuang, you are going to leave with the Tian Family in a few days. In such a large family, if there is no power backing you, I am afraid it will be very difficult for you to survive there."

Of course, according to the information Gao Tu had received, the Tian Family wanted to cultivate Mu Wushuang and make her a second Tian Ya! But he would not tell it to Mu Wushuang because she would become even more disobedient if she learned how the Tian Family valued her! Unfortunately, Gao Tu didn't expect that instead of cultivating her, the Tian Family just wanted to use her to test medicines, to make her a so-called drug woman!

All his efforts were doomed to be in vain!

"Your Majesty, I see."

Mu Wushuang clenched her fists, but her voice was as graceful as ever. She knew that what Gao Tu said was right. She would have a hard time when she just returned to the Tian Family, but it would be another story if she was the Crown Princess of the Longyuan Kingdom. She could kill Gao Ling only if she had gained the supreme status in the Tian Family, or if she managed to have Godly Doctor stand by her side!

"I'm glad you understand it," Gao Tu showed a loving smile, "As the Royal Family has the Spirit Sect support behind us, the Tian Family won't give you too hard a time. Besides, as for what happened to you and Gao Ling in the Bamboo House, I've told Tian Ke that you were just framed by Yun Luofeng! After all, the people of the Tian Family didn't see your situation in the Bamboo House, so they will just take a skeptical attitude in regards to it.

Mu Wushuang's body quivered and her beautiful face turned pale. What she experienced in the Bamboo House would be her permanent nightmare!

Yun Luofeng!

If that b*tch hadn't let her know that Gao Ling was trapped in the Bamboo House, she would not have been tempted to go there. And if she hadn't gone to the Bamboo House, she would not have suffered such a fate!

All this was Yun Luofeng's fault! If she had died earlier, how could this have happened?

Why didn't a b*tch like her go to hell?

The more Mu Wushuang thought the more she hated Yun Luofeng. She gnashed her teeth, "I want Yun Luofeng to die! She must die!"

"It's easy," Gao Tu glanced at Mu Wushuang and smirked, "I can issue a decree now, ordering her to come to the Imperial Palace and marry the Crown Prince as a concubine! At that time, as the Crown Princess, you could torture her to your heart's content, and nobody would blame you for that! As a concubine, she will have to grovel at your feet for a lifetime!"


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