Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 259

Just then, a eunuch rushed in and reported respectfully, "Your Majesty, the Crown Prince and Miss Wushuang are waiting outside the temple."

Hearing the eunuch's words, Gao Tu waved his hand, "Let them in."

"Yes." The eunuch took his order and left.

In a moment, Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang walked in from outside, their eyes full of doubt, apparently not knowing why Gao Tu suddenly summoned them.

"Son, Wushuang, you've come?" Gao Ling put on airs again, speaking solemnly, "These two are Tian Ke and Tian Yu of the Tian Family. Come on, salute them."

The Tian Family?

Not knowing what the Tian Family was about, Mu Wushuang paused, but Gao Ling standing beside her immediately reacted by flattering them, "I've long heard of the names of Master Tian Yu and Miss Tian Ke. Now I finally get a chance to meet you. You two are really as prominent as I imagined."

Hearing too much of this cheap flattery, Tian Ke and Tian Yu remained expressionless and had no reaction to Gao Ling's flattery.

"Are you Mu Wushuang?" Tian Ke coldly stared at Mu Wushuang's face, "Tian Xin's daughter?"

Hearing the two words Tian Xin, Mu Wushuang's heart shivered. She bit her lip tightly and stared at Tian Ke, who looked indifferent and haughty.

"Who are you?

Tian Ke didn't speak, her indifferent eyes sweeping from Mu Wushuang's face and she slightly raised her chin with a tinge of arrogance.

"Wushuang," Fearing Mu Wushuang's words might offend Tian Ke, Gao Tu hurriedly explained, "Your mother Tian Xin was also from the Tian Family, and the Tian Family holds a dominant position on this Continent, even the famous Godly Doctor comes from the Tian Family."

Gao Tu's words were like a heavy stick hitting deep in the heart of Mu Wushuang. Her eyes were wide open and sparkled with excitement, her graceful and beautiful face flushed, and her thin lips quivered.

Mu Wushuang didn't expect that she had such a powerful backing. She came from the same family with the famous Godly Doctor on the Continent?

With such an exalted status, who else could compare with her? If Yun Luofeng knew about this, she would be mad with jealousy! Maybe she would kneel to her, begging for her mercy, hahaha! After all, no matter how talented Yun Luofeng was, she would be no match for the famous Godly Doctor.
Mu Wushuang's face lit up with an excited smile and then she glanced at Gao Ling beside her in disgust.

If she had known she was from the Tian Family, she would never have married the scumbag Gao Ling. So, after she left here, she would ask Tian Ke to call off the engagement for her, and make Gao Ling pay for what he did!

When Gao Tu was just about to say something to Mu Wushuang, he suddenly caught sight of the obvious hatred in the girl's eyes, and his eyelids couldn't help twitching. Right now, he was currying favor with the Tian Family and forgot how much Mu Wushuang hated Gao Ling!

He must find a way to make Mu Wushuang put aside her grudge...

"Ahem," Thinking this, Gao Tu cleared his throat and ordered solemnly, "Son, Master Tian Yu and Miss Tian Ke came from afar and they must be tired now. Take them down to have a rest. Wushuang, stay awhile, I have something to tell you."

Mu Wushuang felt that her heart missed a beat, knowing why Gao Tu asked her to stay awhile.


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