Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 258

Indeed, with Gao Shaochen's current status and strength, he was totally unworthy of her.

Gao Shaochen's handsome face suddenly darkened, "Then he is worthy of you?"

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows and said, "Yes."

"Why? I want to know the reason."

"Because..." Yun Luofeng paused, "he is cleaner than you, purer than you, more obedient than you, and better-built than you, and he has promised me that he will not have any other woman in his lifetime!"

He would not have any other woman in his lifetime!

This was a love that every woman longed for but nowadays how many men in the world were willing to promise that?

Gao Shaochen's heart shivered, wondering why he was so upset when he heard what Yun Luofeng said. Was it because he was in love with Yun Luofeng?

No! Impossible! He had no love in his heart! He wanted to get Yun Luofeng because he wanted her to become his own power! He was upset because he didn't want to lose to a guard. Yes, that was all.
Thinking this, Gao Shaochen laughed wryly. As a member of the royal family, he would not fall in love with any woman!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This saying is exactly true," Gao Shaochen raised the corners of his lips, "Since you've made a choice, I won't force you to change your mind. However, I still hope you can cooperate with me to cope with Gao Ling! Farewell."

After saying this, Gao Shaochen made an obeisance and hurriedly turned away. He was afraid that he could not help but beat Yun Xiao if he continued to stay here!

Even if he didn't love Yun Luofeng, a man's pride didn't allow him to lose to another man! But in the end, he restrained himself and didn't do anything in General Yun's Estate! Gao Shaochen, who hurried away, did not notice that behind him there was a pair of cold eyes watching him...

Expressionless as Yun Xiao was, nobody could find any clue from his face. However, only Qin Yuan who hid in the dark knew that Gao Shaochen was going to suffer! How dare he try to steal his Mistress?

However, to Qin Yuan's surprise, his Master finally got it straight and he even learned how to use a trick to repel a rival in love!

Gee, it was really impressive.

In the luxurious main hall of the Imperial Palace, seeing a man and a woman walking in, Gao Tu hurriedly came forward and said respectfully, "Master Tian Yu, Miss Tian Ke, I didn't expect you to arrive early. Sorry for not going out to welcome you."

He did not expect that the Tian Family would send their two most prominent geniuses of the direct line of descent here. They must take Mu Wushuang very seriously.

"Hmm." Tian Ke nodded coldly and asked, "Where is Mu Wushuang?"

"Miss Tian Ke, please wait a moment. I've sent people to call Wushuang and my son in. They will come here soon."

In the presence of the two persons, Gao Tu dared not be disrespectful and no longer put on airs. "By the way," Gao Tu thought of something, rolling his eyes, "I think you must have heard the rumor about my son and Wushuang on the way. But, it was all a frame-up. Those two definitely would not prostitute themselves in the Bamboo House. The rumor was fabricated by Yun Luofeng of the Yun Family, who was jealous of Wushuang because she could marry my son. Actually, they just went out to experience an ordinary person's life and stayed out for several months. They didn't prostitute themselves."

Tian Ke gently frowned. She had no interest in what had happened to Mu Wushuang and Gao Ling. She came here to pick up Mu Wushuang because Mu Wushuang was suitable to be a high-level drug testing person with her type of constitution. They didn't mean to cultivate her!

So, she didn't care whether Mu Wushuang was clean or not. As for Gao Ling, if he really married Mu Wushuang, she wouldn't mind having one more low-level drug testing person!


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