Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 254

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng looked at the little old man with a faint smile, "You have no woman to love you even though you are in your fifties? Is there anything wrong with your intellect or your health?"

At first, the little old man didn't understand the meaning of Yun Luofeng's words, and when he thought about it, he suddenly realized what she meant and his old face turned blue.

"Who says there is something wrong with my health? No! No, I'm well both physically and intellectually! If it hadn't been for a bunch of b*stards who had tried to force me to marry a woman I didn't love and made my beloved woman misunderstand me, I wouldn't have been single for so many years."

If it were not for those b*stards, he would have married and had children! This was why he kept away from his family for so many years!

"Really?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. "No matter what reasons you put forward, just come to the General Yun Estate to buy Spirit Tea at noon tomorrow. No one can get it from me in advance! Qingyan, let's go."

"Yes, Miss." Qingyan responded respectfully and quickly followed Yun Luofeng.

At the gate of the teahouse, the little old man gazed at the figures of the two girls, his eyes shining with a subtle light.

"Lord Godly Doctor, you really came to the Longyuan Kingdom."

Suddenly, a voice came, letting the little old man come back from thoughts. He looked at the woman in red standing in front of him, frowning.

"Are you Fang Ya of Medical Pavilion?"

Fang Ya giggled, covering her mouth with her hand, "I didn't expect that Lord Godly Doctor would still remember me. Just several days ago, our Master complained that he didn't have a chance to visit you because your whereabouts were always unknown. So, Elder Rong sent me to look for you when he heard you had come to the Longyuan Kingdom."

"Look for me?" The little old man frowned, "What does he want with me? I'm not interested."

Now there was nothing more interesting to him than the Spirit Tea of Yun Luofeng.

"Lord Godly Doctor, recently Elder Rong found a person who is greatly gifted in medicine and he wants to recommend her to you. The woman is very talented and I'm sure Lord Godly Doctor will be satisfied with her."


The Little old man gave an uninterested response. Before today, it was true that he wanted to find a genius and pass on all his medical skills to them. However, after he met Yun Luofeng, he suddenly found that he was quite interested in the little girl. In particular, the little girl had the very rare tea in her hand.

"And... " Fang Ya kept silent for a while and said, "Lord Godly Doctor, a few days ago we received information that some big shots of your family had come to the Longyuan Kingdom for reasons unknown, so Elder Rong told me to ask you about this."

The little old man sneered, "I have nothing to do with the people of the Tian Family, and I've been away for decades! They have nothing to do with me!"

A few decades ago, he was only one of the many outstanding juniors of the Tian Family! Fond of manipulating people, the Tian Family wanted to control his destiny and force him to marry a woman he did not love.

But at that time, he already had a beloved woman! Those animals drugged him and had the woman they chose lay with him in bed. Seeing that scene, his beloved woman misunderstood him and left him in a fit of pique.

For this, he kept away from his family for decades.

In the past few decades, he was no longer a young man who would be easily manipulated but had grown up to be a very strong man. His name resounded across the whole Continent! So, after he became famous, the Tian Family was very regretful and kept sending people out to look for his whereabouts, hoping to persuade him to return to his family.


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