Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 248

"Mu Wuchen," seeing the man walking down the stairs, Yun Luofeng smiled, "since you agreed, I can compete about tea with your Fragrant Wind Teahouse, and all the people present can serve as witnesses."

Mu Wuchen's eyes became even colder, and he inwardly snorted. 

He already monopolized several famous tea leaves production locations in the Longyuan Kingdom, so where could Yun Luofeng go to collect better tea leaves? Hence, he would definitely win this competition!

"Someone, bring the Snow Mountain White Tea here."

After realizing this point, Mu Wuchen coldly ordered, "Everyone, you will be the judges of today's competition!"

In order to embarrass Yun Luofeng, he did not have a single trace of reservation and brought out the best tea leaves of the teahouse. 

When everyone else heard "Snow Mountain White Tea", their eyes lit up. They never imagined that they would be so lucky today as to be able to taste Snow Mountain White Tea. 

This Snow Mountain White Tea was Fragrant Wind Teahouse's treasure. It could not be bought even with a thousand gold taels! Reportedly, this Snow Mountain White Tea was not only fragrant and tasty, but it also had the effect of strengthening the body!

A short while later, an employee of the teahouse carried a teapot out from the backroom. He filled everyone's cups with tea before slowly retreating with the empty pot. 

Everyone could not wait to sample the Snow Mountain White Tea. The moment that the tea entered their mouths, a sweet scent overflowed it, leaving a rich aftertaste. 

"The flavor of this Snow Mountain White Tea is quite nice. In my opinion, we won't need to sample Eldest Miss Yun's tea anymore. We already started with such a great Snow Mountain White Tea. No matter how good her tea is, it won't compare."

"That's right, that's right! I'm so fortunate today, actually being able to taste Snow Mountain White Tea, it was worth my trip. I'm already very satisfied!"

Everybody was singing praises one after another, as though they all thought the competition was no longer necessary. There was no way that Yun Luofeng could bring out a tea that surpassed Snow Mountain White Tea!

Mu Wuchen glanced at the calm Yun Luofeng and smiled, "Everyone, this competition was personally proposed by Yun Luofeng, so it would hardly be justifiable if she didn't bring out some tea leaves. Moreover, I would like to know where she got the confidence to come here and boast! Of course, if she's willing to admit defeat, I'll agree to let her off, haha."

Yun Luofeng's eyes ran over Mu Wuchen before turning to the white-haired old man on the side, "Do you know how to brew tea?"

The white-haired elder chuckled, "I'm not bragging, but no one alive can compare to my tea-brewing technique, I..." 

"Since that's the case," Yun Luofeng did not give the chance for the little old man to continue praising himself and directly interrupted him, "I will leave the matter of brewing the tea to you."

After saying this, Yun Luofeng dug into her pocket and took out a pouch of tea leaves.

"Little girl, what tea is this?" The old man accepted the tea leaves, his eyes instantly brightening.

Even though he had not tasted the tea yet, from the scent of the tea leaves alone, he could feel that it was certainly superior-quality tea! A lot better than some Snow Mountain White Tea!

Besides, the old man did not understand what was so good about Snow Mountain White Tea! He had a pile of those tea leaves in his cabin, all gifted to him by the people who were treated by him and knew he was fond of tea-tasting. However, he thought those tea leaves were too inferior and did not drink a single sip.

Hearing the old man's words, Yun Luofeng slightly started and replied with faintly knitted brows, "I named this tea Spirit Tea. These tea leaves are unique on this continent."


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