Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 247

At this moment, inside the main hall of the teahouse, the old man's face was full of rage. He was so angry that his previously meticulously combed hair was bristling. If he was not trying to maintain his esteemed demeanor, he would have already gone up to the waiter and beaten him up.

To think that the waiter's scams ended up targeting him! Didn't the punk know that he was an ancestral master in the world of deceit?

"I don't care who your boss is, tell him to get out here. This old man has never heard of whats-her-face Noble Consort Mu!"

The waiter examined the old man from top to bottom before shouting to the crowd in the main hall, "Whose old man is this? Hurry up and take him away! He actually dared to claim our eldest young master is swindling; he's simply tired of living! If you don't take him away, don't blame me for not respecting the elderly!"

Everyone surrounding them was sighing, looking at the old man with sympathetic gazes. 

Was this old guy a fool? Daring to offend someone from Prime Minister Mu's Estate! Who didn't know that in the current Longyuan, the Prime Minister Estate was extremely prosperous? Even though Mu Wushuang lost her innocence, the Imperial Family still planned to make her the Crown Prince Consort.

This level of deep favoritism could only be enjoyed by the Mu Family alone, even the General's Estate could not hope to compare. 

Just as the old man's fury was about to explode, a hand reached out from the side, snatching away the teacup in his hand. The person took a sniff of it and commented with raised brows, "These are definitely second-rate tea leaves."

The old man started and turned his head, meeting a pair of faintly smiling, dark eyes.

Currently, the girl was lightly rocking the cup in her hand with a bewitching, languid smile on her lips.

This young lady was not too old, around fifteen years old, but she looked very calm, without the spoiled and impatient manner of a youngster.

Clearly recognizing Yun Luofeng's voice, the waiter said with ridicule on his lips, "Oh, I was wondering who this was, it turns out it's Eldest Miss of the Yun Family. Cluck cluck, since when did Eldest Miss Yun become knowledgeable about tea? Who in the Longyuan Kingdom doesn't know that our teahouse's tea leaves are the most superior quality? Why don't you ask your own conscience before saying that? Can you bring out tea leaves as good as this?"

She was only the eldest daughter of an affluent family and knowledgeable about medicine. Since when did she become versed in the ways of tea as well? This type of subject was not something that a young girl like her could come into contact with!

Moreover, in all of the Longyuan Kingdom, there was not a single teahouse whose tea leaves could compare with their Mu Family's leaves!

Although they did bring out the second-rate tea leaves because they knew that this old man came from out of town, even these second-rate tea leaves were not something that the Yun Family could bring out!

Good tea leaves could not be simply bought with money; it also required all types of connections!

Yun Luofeng looked at the waiter with a faint smile, "If I can bring out tea leaves better than your Mu Family's, then you must announce to the entire Longyuan Kingdom that your Fragrant Wind Teahouse is using second-rate substitutes to cheat foreigners."

The waiter was startled. Although he believed that Yun Luofeng would not be able to bring out better tea leaves, this type of matter was not something that he had the right to decide.

While the waiter was stuck in this dilemma, a cold voice was abruptly heard in the silent main hall. 

"Alright, I'll agree to your request."

From the second floor, an icily arrogant man slowly walked down the stairs. He had an apathetic expression as his cold eyes looked straight at Yun Luofeng. 

His tea leaves were plucked from Snow Mountain, and there were not any other that could compare with them in the entire Longyuan Kingdom! A mere Yun Family could actually bring out tea leaves better than his? Are you sure this woman wasn't joking?


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