Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 246

Gao Ling's interest was caught. If he could really gain the favor of that godly doctor, perhaps his illness could be cured.

Thinking to that point, understanding flitted through his eyes. "Emperor Father, this Imperial Son knows what to do. Please rest assured, I will definitely seize this opportunity." 

Gao Tu nodded and meaningfully clapped Gao Ling's shoulders. A malicious glint flashed through his eyes before Gao Tu replaced it with a look of prudence and coldly ordered, "Remember, as long as you can ingratiate yourself with the Tian Family, the day that our Imperial Family leaves the control of the Spirit Sect is also imminent. However, because of what you did to Mu Wushuang, it isn't very likely for Mu Wushuang to completely forgive you, so you must quickly make Mu Wushuang carry your child!"

Gao Ling cupped his fists in salute and respectfully responded, "Yes, Emperor Father."

If he had known that Mu Wushuang was related to Tian Ya, he would not have handed her over no matter what. Unfortunately, he did not know this, so he committed such a grave mistake. 

However, if he rectified that error now, it still would not be too late.

"Emperor Father, in regards to Yun Luofeng..." Gao Ling slightly narrowed his eyes. "Can you bestow her to me as a concubine?"

Gao Tu was silent for a moment before saying, "If Mu Wushuang doesn't have any objections, then you can take her as a concubine! No matter what, Mu Wushuang is of the Tian Family, so you must seek her opinion for anyone that you want to take as a concubine."

"Emperor Father, this son understands." Gao Ling smiled, his features brimming with satisfaction.

Ever since he did something like that to Mu Wushuang, it was impossible for her to still love him. She only agreed to marry him because, besides him, no one would be willing to marry a woman who had lost her innocence. 

Since there was no love, why would Mu Wushuang have objections about who he took as a concubine? Moreover, Mu Wushuang resented Yun Luofeng because of her jealousy, so if Yun Luofeng became his concubine, wasn't it the same as letting Mu Wushuang torment her however she wanted?

Hence, there was even less possibility of her objecting.

Since it was the Tian Family making the decisions, regardless of how much arrogance Yun Luofeng had inside her heart, she still would not dare to disobey!

The more Gao Ling thought about this, the more pleased he became. His features were undoubtedly shameless. He only had to recall the young girl's haughtiness that day, and he would itch to mercilessly press down on her and crush all of her haughtiness!


Yun Luofeng barely stepped into the main hall of the elegant teahouse before she heard a commotion in front of her, an elderly man's violent rage barely audible in its midst.

"You are a shady merchant, actually using a second-rate substitute, some shoddy tea leaves, to deceive this old man. Are you swindling me because you think this old man isn't from this city?" 

The old man's words were followed by the mocking voice of the teahouse's waiter, "Old thing, who are you accusing of using some second-rate substitute? Do you know who is the owner of this teahouse? If I told you, it would scare you to death. This teahouse of ours is owned by the nephew of Noble Consort Mu, Eldest Young Master of the Mu Family! With his identity as the Eldest Young Master of the Mu Family, why would he deceive you?"

Eldest Young Master of the Mu Family? Mu Wuchen?

Yun Luofeng slightly started and halted her steps, her dark eyes shimmering with a flickering light.

"This teahouse is owned by Mu Wuchen?"

Qingyan blinked. "It appears so..."

This matter was known by everyone in the Longyuan Kingdom, but Yun Luofeng did not pay attention to this, so she did not know that the behind-the-scenes owner of this Fragrant Wind Teahouse was Mu Wuchen. 

Hearing this, a bewitching smile appeared on the young girl's gorgeous face. "I didn't imagine that when I randomly chose a teahouse, I would actually find one owned by the Mu Family! It's a pity that I don't want the Mu Family to have an easy time. How can I not join in when presented with an opportunity like this?" 

When she finished speaking, Yun Luofeng strode forward.


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