Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 245

"Emperor Father, then Mu Wushuang has another identity?" Gao Ling started, his eyebrows lightly knitted as an uneasy feeling slowly rose from his heart.

No wonder Emperor Father still wanted to have him marry Mu Wushuang even though the Mu Family lost all of their face at the city gate back then. It was actually because Mu Wushuang had an unusual identity? He wanted to know what was so special about Mu Wushuang's identity.

"Her identity isn't all that special. What is special is her mother's background," Gao Tu snorted, "Her mother is from the Tian Family 1 ."

"Tian Family?"

Gao Ling's eyes were thoughtful. "Emperor Father, I know about many of the formidable powers on this continent, but I have never heard of this Tian Family! What origin does this Tian Family have that it's even stronger than the Spirit Sect?"

Gao Tu shook his head. "No, the Tian Family isn't strong, and is, in fact, only a third-rate clan on this continent! Moreover, in the Tian Family, even the strongest person is nothing more than an earth-level spirit cultivator."

Gao Ling grew increasingly uncomprehending. If Tian Family was only a small, third-rate clan, then why did Emperor Father have this much apprehension about Mu Wushuang?

Seeing Gao Ling's confused eyes, Gao Tu only indifferently glanced at him. "The Tian Family frightens people because several decades ago, an abnormal Tian Ya 2 emerged from the Tian Family! Although Tian Ya had left his clan several decades ago and never returned, who could guarantee that Tian Ya wouldn't appear and personally settle the score if you offended the Tian Family?"

"If it was only based on his ability, Tian Ya wouldn't make others terrified. What truly makes people fearful is Tian Ya's status as the number one godly doctor on this continent. A countless number of strong people were once saved by him, and there are many more that owe him a favor! He only needs to speak, and an innumerable number of people would do his bidding!" Gao Tu's eyes revealed a reverence. "Unfortunately, he appears and disappears unpredictably, so no one is able to trace him! Imperial Son, do you now know why I'm having you marry Mu Wushuang?"

This continent's number one godly doctor, someone that even the Medical Pavilion personnel had to give some face to. Hence, when he heard these words, Gao Lin was incredibly stunned.

He appeared to have never imagined that Mu Wushuang would have blood relations with the number one godly doctor of this continent!

"Emperor Father, how come you didn't know of Mu Wushuang's true identity and background for all these years?" 

Gao Ling lightly knitted his brows and inquired, "Moreover, Mu Xingchou that old man actually guarded this secret for this many years and didn't tell people about his daughter-in-law's deep background?"

This indeed was not that old man's style.

"I reckon that even Mu Xingchou doesn't know about this matter. Zhen only knows this because a few years ago, when Mu Wushuang's parents were still alive, the hidden guards in the palace accidentally overheard this secret," Gao Tu smiled and imposingly said, "This is why Zhen is having you marry Mu Wushuang no matter what! If you can gain a connection with that number one godly doctor, who cares about Yun Luofeng? What qualifications does she have to compare with that one?"

"Also..." Gao Tu paused briefly before continuing with a sneer, "Zhen also learned that after the Tian Family discovered Mu Wushuang's innate talent in medicine, they wanted to bring her back to the Tian Family and nurture her to become a second Tian Ya, so this is your best opportunity to enter the Tian Family!"

Mu Wushuang's medical talents were completely incomparable with Yun Luofeng's, but she was still a genius in other people's eyes! This was why Gao Tu was willing to have Gao Ling marry Mu Wushuang even if it meant the Imperial Family was cuckolded.

  1. Tian Family (天家): Tian (天) means heaven or sky.
  2. Tian Ya (天涯) = His entire name together means "the other end of the world" or "a faraway place," and Ya (涯) alone means border or horizon.


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