Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 242

Gao Ling's eyes brightened, and he was wild with joy.

As long as he could leave here, he would definitely make those people who had once humiliated him pay a painful price!

Chun Niang glanced at the unconcealable hatred on Gao Ling's face and a seductive smile curved upon her lips, with disdain filling her beautiful eyes. "Enjoy your last night here, and you can leave tomorrow."

Finishing speaking, she swung her snake-like waist and walked towards the exit erotically.

After she had left, Gao Ling left too, walking out with long strides. He never once turned to give Mu Wushuang another glance.



The dim light of the night was like water, with faint moonlight penetrating the curtains into the room, landing on the young lady's breathtaking appearance.

The young lady was seated upright on the chair and her fair jade-like fingers lightly lifted a teacup. Her pitch-black eyes stared at the scenery outside, without looking at the man behind her.

"Yun Xiao, how much do you understand about the Bai Family?"

Recalling the encounter she had with the Bai Family in the Liujin Kingdom, her slightly downcast eyes concealed her cold intent.

Yun Xiao looked at the young lady seated beside the table. "All these years, the family head of Bai Family has changed several times, but the young master has never changed. That person is Bai Su!"

Suddenly, a handsomely devilish face appeared in Yun Luofeng's mind and she slightly narrowed her eyes. "What do you mean?"

The family head has changed several times, but there's only one Bai Su having the position of the young master?

Yun Xiao paused for a moment and continued speaking. "I mean, regardless of who is the family head of the Bai Family, only Bai Su can be the young master! In the Bai Family, Bai Su is considered a special existence. Furthermore, it is said that the Bai Family's ancestor's name is also Bai Su."

Heading this, Yun Luofeng hands lightly pounded the tabletop as she entered into a state of deep pondering.

After a while, she finally opened her mouth and asked, "Other than this, what else do you know?"

Yun Xiao was silent for quite awhile before he coldly replied. "I'll go and check."

In the past, he was not interested regarding the Bai Family's matters, but since Yun Luofeng wanted to know, then he would send people to investigate!

"Alright." Yun Luofeng stood up and smiled languidly. "Yun Xiao, I'm tired."

"I've already warmed the bed." Yun Xiao's eyes deeply stared at Yun Luofeng and he had a serious expression. "So, you can take a rest first."

"Yun Xiao, have you forgotten my previous words?" Yun Luofeng pressed on towards Yun Xiao a few steps and a wickedly seductive smile on her lips. "As your punishment, it isn't enough for you to just warm my bed. You still have a share a bed with me."

After saying this, Yun Luofeng raised her hands and pushed him. After pushing Yun Xiao onto the bed, she pressed her body against his, with both her eyes narrowing. "You're not resisting?"

"You've mentioned it before, you don't like to be pushed down by others." Yun Xiao's arm tightly held the young lady's soft body. "Therefore, when I'm in front of you, I'm willing to be pushed down by you."

Between the two of them, there would always be one who was being pushed down. Since Yun Luofeng didn't like being pushed down, then what harm was there if he followed her wishes?

Why should he care as long as she was the person who pushed him down?

Regardless of how cruel and unfeeling he was in other people's eyes, but in front of her, he was willing to pamper her, protect her, and perfectly willing to be pressed down by her. Even if he wouldn't be able to turn the tide in his lifetime.

This sentence of Yun Xiao inadvertently reached her heart, causing her heart to be touched at this moment...


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