Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 241

"Wushuang," Gao Ling held onto Mu Wushuang's shoulders tightly. "Hear me out; we can only take revenge on the Ghost Emperor by leaving! If we continue staying here, we will be unable to be together our entire lifetime! So what if you have to sacrifice for a moment for our future? Being unable to endure for a small matter would throw the bigger picture into chaos! Don't tell me you do not understand this?"

"Just for revenge, you want me to wait on spirit beasts?" Mu Wushuang no longer cared if she maintained her facade as she shouted in a heart-wrenching manner, with her body trembling incessantly. "Crown Prince, I'm your woman, your fiancee. By doing this, are you still human?"

Gao Ling looked at Mu Wushuang in astonishment. "Didn't you say you were willing to do anything for me? Furthermore, you've already lost your innocence to a man. There's no difference between a man and beast. It'll pass over if you just bear with it a little."

From the start, even when she lost her innocence, Mu Wushuang had controlled her internal anger in order to grab tightly onto Gao Ling! However, she didn't think that this man would be so cruel, to actually allow a spirit beast to humiliate her?

Mu Wushuang coldly laughed, "Then why don't you bear with it a little instead of insisting on me? I have already accepted a compromise, so why don't you let me off? Furthermore, you've said that I'm the woman that the Ghost Emperor has taken a liking to. Would he even let you off when you're treating me like this?"

Gao Ling's expression turned grim as he tightly grabbed on Mu Wushuang's wrists. His hands suddenly exerted force and on the young lady's hands, and the streak of a red mark caused by him could be seen.

"Mu Wushuang. I knew it! You must have had illicit relations with the Ghost Emperor! Otherwise, you would never mention him right now! You're only a slut that lost her innocence, what qualifications do you have to protest in front of me? I'm warning you, you must go even if you're unwilling!"

Mu Wushuang was in so much pain that her facial complexion turned pale. She despairingly fixed her gaze on the youngster's handsome appearance. "You say that I'm a slut? So that is to say the words you've said previously were lies? Gao Ling, you're a scumbag. Don't forget I lost my innocence because of you, and you actually want me to serve a beast right now, you…"


A sharp and clear slap could be heard, causing Mu Wushuang's words to suddenly stop. The rims of her eyes were red through and through, staring at Gao Ling with hatred.

Gao Ling didn't even spare her a glance. What was worth for him to remember a woman that had lost her purity? Although he still felt guilty towards her from the start, after calming down a few days later, his internal guilt had long disappeared and had been replaced with anger.

If it weren't for this slut, the Ghost Emperor would never have taken action against him!

All along, Gao Ling had assumed that the woman the Ghost Emperor had taken a liking to was Mu Wushuang, instead of Yun Luofeng. Therefore, Mu Wushuang had unluckily received the hatred for Yun Luofeng from Gao Ling!

"Tsk tsk, I sure came at a good time, to have seen such a great show."

All of a sudden, a coquettish voice sounded from the back.

Gao Ling's body jolted before he turned to look at the seductive woman standing at the entrance and spoke in a flattering way. "Chun Niang, Wushuang has agreed to it. Do your words still hold true, to let us off tomorrow?"

Contempt was revealed within Chun Niang's eyes. "Rest assured, I always hold true to my promises. Since I've said to let both of you off, then I will definitely let you go from this place. It's just that your life and death are unrelated to me after you leave."

These two people were still thinking of spending their lives in safety after having offended the Ghost Emperor? That was truly a joke! If they had stayed in the Bamboo House, perhaps they might be able to live and drift without purpose! Whereas once they left here, what awaited them would be even more severe tormenting!


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