Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 240

Wasn't there this saying, that there's no land in this world that doesn't belong to the Imperial Family?

However, this Ghost Emperor was a figure that caused even them headaches!

"You still dare to question me on this?"

Upon hearing this, Gao Ling who was talking in a coaxing manner earlier on had turned grim in a split second. "Originally, when the Ghost Emperor's subordinate dealt with me, they actually said that I had vainly attempted to steal his woman! Therefore, I've always wanted to ask you, how did you manage to become involved with him in the first place? If it weren't for you, I would never have suffered such punishment!"

Mu Wushuang's originally astonished eyes became increasingly wide. "You're saying that the Ghost Emperor is interested in me?"

Although Gao Ling did not speak, his expression was unsightly. As long as he recalled the pain and suffering he suffered these days, he felt like he would soon be driven mad!

"Crown Prince." Noticing Gao Ling's ashen expression, Mu Wushuang clenched her teeth and stood up to hug the man. "Crown Prince, rest assured. The man I love shall only be you forever!"

The pupil of his eyes flickered as he lowered his sight to look at Mu Wushuang. "Now that I've told you that the Ghost Emperor has affectionate feelings towards you, don't tell me you are not in the least bit moved?"

"Crown Prince, it is rumored that the Ghost Emperor always wears a mask and no one has seen his true face. If he was truly extremely handsome, he would certainly never use a mask to hide his face. Thus, Wushuang suspects that he must be too ugly to meet people with this true face, so how can he be compared with you, Crown Prince? As long as Crown Prince doesn't give up on Wushuang, Wushuang shall never leave the Crown Prince."

For a powerful man like the Ghost Emperor, it's certain that he would not be willing for his own woman to lose her purity. As such, even if Mu Wushuang was tempted, she still managed to come back to her senses.

She reckoned that when the Ghost Emperor was dealing with Gao Ling, he never thought that Gao Ling would pull her down, and for her who had already lost her innocence, she could only grab tight on to Gao Ling as her last option.

It was a pity...

If she still had her innocence, then she would definitely choose to throw herself into the Ghost Emperor's embrace, instead of being with a scum like Gao Ling! At least comparing the Ghost Emperor's strength with Gao Ling, he wasn't just a little more powerful!

From the beginning, Mu Wushaung never suspected Gao Ling's words as in her opinion, she was outstanding and stood out from the rest. Having the Ghost Emperor take a liking to her was inevitable and right!

As for why the Ghost Emperor had never appeared before her to reveal his true feelings, the explanation she gave herself was that perhaps the Ghost Emperor was afraid of frightening her, and that's why he had taken actions towards Gao Ling.

"Wushuang, It's good that you know." Gao Ling's facial expression gradually eased. "You've been suffering all sorts of torments these days because of me. After we return to the palace, I will bestow you a status!"

"Return?" Mu Wushuang laughed bitterly. "Crown Prince, do you think these people from the Bamboo House will let us go?"

The pupil of Gao Ling's eyes twinkled. "Chun Niang came to look for me a while ago. She said that as long as you wait on a few spirit beasts tonight, she will release us tomorrow."

The young man's words were as if thunder from a clear sky, causing Mu Wushuang to raise her beautiful eyes in disbelief and in astonishment.

"Crown Prince, you're actually… asking me to serve spirit beasts?"

Was this the true reason he came looking for her today? Saying words like willing to marry her, in order for her to undergo an even bigger humiliation? Mu Wushuang's body started to tremble slightly, and despair was apparent on her snow-white face. She could still endure when she was asked to sell herself. However, asking her to serve spirit beasts, how could she endure anymore?


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