Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 239

The Bamboo House.

Within the luxurious cabin rooms, Mu Wushuang's body was tightly wrapped in bedsheets with an incomparably pale facial complexion. She had a lifeless and despairing gaze, while her eyes were filled with pain.

Gao Ling, Yun Luofeng, one day, she would definitely make them wish they were dead!

Thinking of these people who caused her to be in this situation, the hatred within Mu Wushuang's eyes became increasingly strong, as if there was a flame continuously burning.

Knock Knock!

A wave of knocking sounds suddenly sounded from outside the door. The sounds were like a devil that caused Mu Wushuang's body to ferociously shake. She bit her lips tightly and asked. "Who is it?"

"Wushuang, it's me…"

She heard the voice that formerly captivated her from outside the door, causing the hatred beneath her eyes to become increasingly strong. Despite so, she still suppressed her internal wrath and replied. "Come in."


With the room door being pushed open, a thin figure gradually entered.

The youngster's look was still as handsome as before, but his aura no longer had the sharpness it had in the past. Instead, he had a dispirited aura.

His looked at Mu Wushuang in a daze and asked in a hoarse voice. "Wushuang, Are you… alright?"


Under such circumstances, he had actually asked if she was alright?

What was the difference between giving her a slap?

Mu Wushuang took in a deep breath as a wretched smile appeared on her pale face. "Crown Prince, regardless of what Wushuang has done for you, Wushuang feels that it's worth it…"


Gao Ling took a huge step forward and hugged Mu Wushuang's soft body into his arms, seemingly not noticing a gloomy and cold intent in her eyes.

Having encountered such a situation, how could she treat Gao Ling as before? However, in order to make this man feel guilty towards her, she could only act like nothing happened!

"Crown Prince."

Mu Wushaung raised her deathly pale face and questioned in tears. "Can you tell me, exactly who put you in such a place? This way, I can be clear about whose scheme I fell into! Was it that slut Yun Luofeng?"

Hearing Mu Wushuang's words, Gao Ling couldn't help but frown.

To think that he had once believed that Mu Wushuang was more outstanding than Yun Luofeng. Other than her strength surpassing others, she was completely unable to be compared with Yun Luofeng in other aspects. Furthermore, with Yun Luofeng's status as a physician, she wasn't lacking in comparison to Mu Wushuang!!

Above all, Mu Wushuang only had herself without any family members and had even waited on an old man earlier on!

Gao Ling at present had forgotten it was because of him that caused her to fall into such circumstances! If it wasn't because of his selfishness, Mu Wushuang never would have lost her innocence! 

Whereas for him, this incident caused him to despise her, feeling that she did not abide by how a woman should keep her purity!

Even though he was thinking as such deep down, he did not display it on his face. An indiscernible glimmer flashed past within his eyes. "This matter wasn't caused by Yun Luofeng, it was the Ghost Emperor."

"Ghost Emperor?" Mu Wushuang's whole body shivered as she looked at Gao Ling in a flabbergasted way. "You're saying it's the cold-hearted Ghost Emperor that everyone knows? Crown Prince, how did you provoke such a man?"

The Ghost Emperor was a legend of this entire mainland!

Three years ago, this man called Ghost Emperor had appeared within the common people's eyes! It was said that this Ghost Emperor belonged to the hawk faction, ruthless and decisive! The number of people who died in his hands within these three years wasn't just a few!

During this period of time, there were also numerous righteous individuals who had tried to encircle and annihilate the Ghost Emperor to safeguard the mainland's peace. However, who would have expected that those people only went out and none had returned! They had all disappeared without a trace, and this was why the Ghost Emperor's name had become widespread.


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