Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 238

Seeing Yun Luofeng ignoring him, he continued to jabber on and on. "Master, are you really going to be that type of carnal person that doesn't take responsibility for their actions?"

The hand which Yun Luofeng tightly grabbed the spiritual medicine slightly trembled, while her devilish pair of eyes swept past Xiao Mo's tender complexion as she spoke. "My grandfather is unaware of my progress with him, but how could you not be aware? I haven't even taken off his clothes, so where did this idea of me not taking responsibility come from?"

Xiao Mo lightly caressed his jaw. "Indeed, you did not take off his clothes, but you've torn them before!"

Yun Luofeng's eyebrows suddenly twitched as she gradually spoke after taking a deep breath. "Xiao Mo, I do indeed have good feelings towards Yun Xiao, and I do not dislike his approach! I feel safe with him alongside me. Although he tricked me once today, I understand that he would never deceive me or harm me."

This man would rather abandon the whole world than let her go! How could she not feel anything from this?

Furthermore with the matter of today, if he had denied it, she reckoned that she would choose to believe in him! Yet, he would rather take the chance of her getting angry and had admitted to his actions.

Who else is more trustworthy, compared to a man who does not even know how to lie?

"However, Xiao Mo, are you clear of my situation within Hua Xia?" Yun Luofeng turned and looked at Xiao Mo. "In my past life, I personally witnessed my parents getting killed and falling into a pool of blood! Furthermore, the people who harmed my parents not only took away my family's property, but they even got away with their crimes, whereas I was sent to an orphanage! I would never have escaped from this trauma if it weren't for meeting my benefactor."

Xiao Mo was startled by this as he turned silent.

He had met Yun Luofeng at Hua Xia College, but he was unaware of what she had experienced before that.

"Right now, not only am I able to live another life, I have come to have beloved family members. How could I be willing to let my family members suffer or get bullied?"

Even though she had frequently talked back to the old general, he was the closest family member she had in this world! Therefore, she would definitely take revenge and settle the debt for this body's parents. Only by doing so would the old general be able to escape from the past hatred.

"Master, if you want to take revenge, then all the more you should have dual cultivation with Yun Xiao. By doing so, your strength would break through even faster." Xiao Mo said and then tightly closed his lips.

Yun Luofeng shook her head. "By relying on my own efforts, I can also avenge my parents! Xiao Mo, I have always seen the matter between male and female as a good thing, not a condition that can raise my own strength! Indeed, I have good feelings towards Yun Xiao, and I do not resist his touch. But this does not mean that I am willing to hand myself over to him right now!"

Xiao Mo opened his mouth intending to say something. But the words that had reached his mouth was swallowed by him while a complicated gaze was contained in his eyes. "Master, even though I want for you and Yun Xiao to dual cultivate, right now I'm willing to respect your decision."

With his master's personality, she would never roll on a bed with a man just in order to have dual cultivation with him! Only by waiting for her to completely fall in love with this man, would she be willing to give herself entirely to him.

Isn't a master like this a person he should admire?

Within this mainland where the strongest are respected, how many people can follow their original heart without being influenced by obtaining power, thus dual cultivating with others?

"Master, I believe that the day when you and Yun Xiao dual cultivate isn't far off."

Xiao Mo laughed and revealed his two cute tiger teeth. His pair of eyes were as bright as the night stars, shining with a bright radiance. According to Master's and Yun Xiao's current progress, he wouldn't have to wait long before his heartfelt desire would come true.


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