Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 236

Not taking responsibility?

Yun Luofeng touched the tip of her nose and questioned in a soft voice. "Am I truly acting like a beast?"

"You only understand that now?" The old general glanced at her disdainfully. That expression was as if she was so stupid to only realize she was acting like a beast at this moment.

If Yun Luofeng truly did forcefully push down Yun Xiao, then she would still admit whatever the old general said. However, nothing had really happened between them, so where did her not taking responsibility come from?

Of course, she understood that even if she explained herself to the old general, he would never believe her.

As such, she might as well skip the explanations as she slightly narrowed her eyes while speaking. "Grandfather, this is a matter between Yun Xiao and me. You don't have to care about it!"

"Darn girl, your grandfather is doing this for your own good!" The old general looked at Yun Luofeng. "Yun Xiao this child is stronger than Gao Ling in every aspect. With just his strength, no one within this Longyuan Kingdom is his opponent! However, he was perfectly content to follow alongside you. Don't you understand why?"

From this sentence, one could see that the old general was very satisfied with Yun Xiao, and thought that he was much better than Gao Ling, that scum.

"Are you feeling too idle these few days?" A devilish radiance could be seen from Yun Luofeng's slightly narrowed eyes. "If you were so unoccupied recently, you could head down to the underground training floor to assist Second Uncle."

Hearing this, the old general was instantly silenced.

It wasn't easy for him to live a serene life in his later years, so how could he be willing to continue working hard? Having the younger generation deal with the matters of the Yun Family was sufficient and he only wanted to drink tea and chat, while living a leisurely life.

"You darn girl, at the very least, I'm still your grandfather. You actually dare to threaten me…"

The old general's voice became increasingly soft, seemingly afraid that he would be sent to train the corps by his very own granddaughter!

"You're still aware that you are my grandfather? If a stranger witnessed this, they would think that Yun Xiao was your grandson while I was someone whom you picked up from the streets." Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips as she spoke in a devilish tone.

Although she said that, but she was not truly angry. After all, her grandfather liking Yun Xiao was a good thing, as from the very start, she had been afraid that her grandfather would not accept him.

"Your grandfather has always sided with logic and not my own flesh!" The old general stretched his neck while saying this in a tough manner.

Of course, if the one Yun Luofeng's facing was Mu Wushuang or even people from the royal family, even if his granddaughter was the one in wrong, he would still recognize her as in the right! If someone dared to bad-mouth his granddaughter, he would surely wipe out their entire family!


With matters regarding feelings, it's inevitable that he would side with logic and not his family members! Who asked his own granddaughter to have taken advantage of others but leave after she had eaten them whole? Not only that, she didn't want to take responsibility? How could he stand for that?

He absolutely wouldn't permit such things to happen!

"I will personally settle this matter. If you are too idle, I will send you to the underground training place to train the corps together with Second Uncle." Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips. "So do you choose to drink tea and enjoy fruit or to look after the corps?"

"Fruit? What fruit?"

"Spirit Fruit."

These two words instantly caused the old general's eyes to brighten up. He coughed dryly twice and his gaze turned toward Yun Xiao while chuckling, "Ah Xiao, this granddaughter of mine is truly unruly. As her grandfather, I am unable to control her decision, but I will support you to seize her. If my granddaughter were to get married, her only partner would only be you and I will not accept others."

What a joke!

With Yun Xiao such a powerful and obedient man beside her, how could others be compared with him?

If his own granddaughter were to abandon Yun Xiao, he would be the first to disagree!


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