Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 233

However, right now, he had heard this sentence of, 'a husband who is mine alone for a lifetime' from a woman.

Mine alone for a lifetime...

Haha! That's ridiculous! How many men in this world would be willing to only have one wife? Especially if they were born within the Royal Family! 

Even if he didn't have the intention to take in concubines, there would still be numerous people who would gift him their daughters! In such an environment how could he not be influenced?

"If you're finished, then it's time for me to leave. My Yun Xiao is still waiting for me at home…"

The young lady smiled languidly as her eyes swept past Gao Shaochen's handsome face. After which, she turned and left under the man's attentive gaze.

Seeing this young lady's figure leaving, Gao Shaochen wanted to extend his hands to grab her but then withdrew upon realizing what he was doing. His pair of fox-like eyes stared at the sight of her leaving while his eyes were slightly flickering.

Xiao Feng'er, the more you reject me, the more I am interested. However, towards a little girl like you, I still can't be too straightforward or else I will scare you away. If that's the case where would I be able to find another you?

From the beginning, Gao Shaochen never once thought of disbanding his harem, because to him, it was a normal thing for a man to have many wives! As long as Yun Luofeng accepted him, then everything wouldn't be a problem!


The General Estate's backyard.

From afar, Yun Luofeng had spotted the black-robed man standing under the tree. Her footsteps gradually stopped as her pair of black eyes fell on the man's handsome and heroic face and a devilishly charming smile appeared on her gorgeous face.

"Yun Xiao, what are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you."

Just these simple words had expressed his endless yearning. Although this man would never express his feelings, he was truthful without any intent to hide things or deceive her!

"Yun Xiao, in the future, you don't have to wait for me here. No matter what I'm heading out for, I will bring you along." Yun Luofeng raised her head and stared at his handsome face. "However, if I don't let you take action, it means that I want to personally teach them a lesson. Therefore at those times, you don't have to stick up for me."


Yun Xiao slightly nodded and his voice was hoarse yet magnetic. It was as if there was a feather that lightly brushed past Yun Luofeng's heart, causing her to feel itchy and unbearable.

She slightly narrowed her eyes and forcefully pressed Yun Xiao to the tree while tiptoeing to kiss that man's ice-cold lips.

Feeling an uprising internal heat, Yun Luofeng's hands fiercely grabbed onto his lapels and with a pull, she had torn his clothes fabric, revealing a sexy chest.


Not far away, Qin Yuan, who was hiding in the dark, nearly fell on the ground as he hurriedly stabilized his posture. His entire being seemed to be struck by lightning, causing him to be in disarray.

Oh god, his master was actually forcefully held down!

My master's woman is truly a wild tyrant that'll cause the world to explode! She's too formidable! In this world, I reckon only she could forcefully push down master!

The young lady's fingertips lightly brushed his chest, and it was as if an electric current flowed through them, causing his body to tremble slightly.

Perhaps Yun Luofeng's teasing had gone over the top, causing a raging heat to rise from the bottom of his heart. As he raised his hands and pulled, he had managed to hold her body tightly against his chest. 


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