Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 231

Yun Luofeng stopped in her tracks as she lightly raised her gaze to stare at the handsome man seated in the pavilion. "Why have you asked for me?"

The Forth Prince of Longyuan Kingdom, Gao Shaochen, seemed gentle like jade on the surface, but in actual fact was as crafty as a fox! Such a man radiated danger in all aspects, making him impossible to fathom.

Gao Shaochen slightly narrowed his pair of fox-like eyes as his lips were raised in an elegant arc.
"Obviously because I have important things to discuss with you."

"What important matters?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows in a devilish manner and asked as she tilted her head to one side and shot a glance at Gao Shaochen.

Gao Shaochen elegantly raised the teacup between his fingers and took a sip. From beginning to end, there was a harmonious smile hanging on his gentle face.

"I wish to work together with you." Gao Shaochen stopped for a moment before he continued. "I know you hate Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang. As long as we both work together, I will provide you with the opportunity to trample them beneath your feet."

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Gao Shaochen with a slight smile. "You're wrong. I do not hate Gao Ling and Mu Wushuang. Both of them aren't worthy of my hatred!"

There was only one person she hated, and that person was the one who threw Yun Xiao into the Forest of No Return ten years ago! Other than that, other people weren't worthy of her hatred.

Gao Shaochen lightly chucked as his slightly narrowed fox-like eyes revealed a deceitful glimmer. "Then you don't wish to be a person above all others? I believe that as long as we work together, this entire Longyuan Kingdom would be ours."

"I'm sorry, there's something you are mistaken about! The whole world I want isn't just the Longyuan Kingdom, but the entire continent!"

The young lady looked up, as a trace of arrogance was exposed from her untamable pair of eyes. What she had wanted all along wasn't the Longyuan Kingdom, but this entire continent!

Looking towards this domineering white-robed young lady, the hand that Gao Shaochen used to grasp the teacup slightly trembled, and the interest within his narrowed fox-like eyes became increasingly concentrated. It was as if there was a flame raging within...

"Xiao Feng'er, the more you act like that, the more I am interested in you! I believe that we are a match made in heaven! If we work together, no one else's conspiracy could ever beat us!"


If Yun Luofeng and Gao Shaochen worked together, there's no doubt that no crafty plots could get past them. However, in regards to Yun Luofeng, she preferred the simple and wholehearted Yun Xiao instead of the cunning Gao Shaochen. When she was with Yun Xiao, she could be completely relaxed in her entire being! However, while facing Gao Shaochen, she felt that if she was slightly careless she would fall into his trap! Such a man who only knew how to make use of things that were beneficial for himself, if something wasn't useful for him, he would definitely kick it away!

"I feel that…" Yun Luofeng slightly paused for a moment before smiling devilishly, "it'll be better if you conspire alone. I do not have the interest to accompany you!"

Hearing the young lady's words, Gao Shaochen did not get angry but instead revealed a gentle smile towards her. His fox-like eyes that seemed to emit electricity stared directly at Yun Luofeng.

"Rumors say that the Miss of the Yun Family loves to take liberties with handsome men the most. With such a handsome man like me in front of you, why aren't you teasing me? If you are willing, I will definitely accompany you until the end."

Yun Luofeng lightly rubbed her chin as she sized up Gao Shaochen while smiling. "Handsome man? I'm sorry, but I do not see in what way you are handsome."

Gao Shaochen was indeed handsome, but unfortunately, with a top-grade product like Yun Xiao beside her, how could other men catch her eye?


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