Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 230

When Chun Niang walked past Gao Ling, she slightly stopped for a moment as a sneering smile appeared on her alluring face. "Gao Ling, I've seen numerous men in my lifetime but I've never seen someone who's a worse scum than you! From the start, if you were resolutely unwilling to exchange your freedom for hers, perhaps I might have been touched and released both of you. It's a pity, but you've truly made me disappointed…"

After throwing out these words, Chun Niang swung her bewitching snake-like waist and walked towards the room.

Even though she did not spare him another glance, she knew how unsightly his face was at this moment.

"Wushuang, I'm sorry." Gao Ling tightly clenched his fists as his looked straight at Mu Wushuang, with remorse filling his eyes. "Rest assured, after leaving here, I will never abandon you, but instead treat you well."

Mu Wushang laughed coldly deep down within. Wouldn't abandon her? This man only knew how to say nice words but from now on, she would no longer trust any words of his!

Although those were her internal thoughts, she did not reveal it on her face. She only used a pair of suffering eyes to stare at Gao Ling.

"Crown Prince, I know that you have your own predicament. As long as you are willing to marry me, I will not blame you."

Won't blame him? How was that possible? The current her was still required to rely on the royal family, thus she wouldn't break off their relations! After she had sufficient power, regardless of Yun Luofeng or Gao Ling, she would never let anyone off!

"Wushuang, thank you for understanding me." Gao Ling was touched. "You can rest assured that I will never abandon you. I will even love you more than before."

A bitter and astringent smile hung on Mu Wushuang's face. The moment when she was pressed down by the group of robust man, she couldn't help but turned to look at Gao Ling.

That glance of hers was filled with reluctance, causing Gao Ling to feel heartache.

Wushuang, humans are selfish. I do not wish to stay here forever, so I can only sacrifice you! Luckily you are sensible and can understand me. If it was Yun Luofeng that trash, she would definitely ignore my life or death! Complicated feelings filled Gao Ling's eyes. However, you are too outstanding. So outstanding that even the Ghost Emperor took a liking to you! Otherwise, I would never have suffered all these tortures! Fortunately, the one you love is still me, and this has also indirectly proved that I am better than him.

In Gao Ling's subjective view, the woman that the Ghost Emperor had taken a liking to must be Mu Wushuang, but the person she loved was him! Didn't that prove that he was superior to the Ghost Emperor? As such, the Ghost Emperor flew into a rage out of humiliation and punished him.

The corner of Gao Ling's lips couldn't help but formed a smile. Ghost Emperor, regardless of how powerful you are, the woman you love is deeply in love with me! Furthermore, you think that selling me into Bamboo House is punishing me, but you would never have imagined that I would drag down the woman you love! This is the price of you harming me!


Contrary to what one might expect, the Fourth Prince's Estate was extremely different from the Crown Prince's. The Fourth Prince's Estate wasn't luxurious or elegant but instead seemed particularly serene, with high mountains and flowing streams, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere that made one comfortable.

Yun Luofeng could see the man seated within the pavilion from afar as her eyes narrowed slightly.

Evidently, the man within the pavilion sensed her appearance and slightly lifted his handsome face while giving her a gentle smile.

However, regardless of how gentle his smile was, the craftiness within his eyes had sold him out.

"You're here?" The man raised the corner of his lips as he asked warmly.


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