Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 229

That's right, he indeed loved Mu Wushuang, but the person he loved more was himself! As long as he could escape this nest of devils, so what if he sacrificed one Mu Wushuang?

Furthermore, the people that originally kidnapped him here said before that he had delusionally thought of snatching the Ghost Emperor's woman, which led to him suffering all these tortures! The only woman he loved deeply was Mu Wushuang! As such, the woman that the Ghost Emperor had taken a liking to would definitely be Mu Wushuang! Therefore, it wasn't wrong of him to use her to offset the torture he was receiving! Who asked that Ghost Emperor to send him here?

It's a pity that Gao Ling did not know that the Ghost Emperor's woman wasn't Mu Wushuang, but instead Yun Luofeng!

"What did you say?" Mu Wushuang unbelievingly turned towards Chun Niang as her face turned ashen. "You actually dared to ask me to receive patrons?"

Chun Niang covered her lips while laughing, and her voice would cause one's body to go soft.

"Don't you love him that much and want to save him? If both of you are truly in love, why don't you be his replacement for a few nights? The patrons of the Bamboo House are bisexual and go both ways. You'll definitely be able to sell for a good price."

"You... " Mu Wushuang was angered to the point that her chest heaved up and down, while a trace of viciousness flashed past her beautiful eyes.

However, before she finished speaking, she had been interrupted by an anxious voice.

"Wushuang, you must save me. Only you can save me now!"

Mu Wushuang's body trembled as she used a despairing gaze to look at Gao Ling, with pain and suffering filling her eyes. "Crown Prince, you want me to be your replacement? Do you know what it means for a woman to lose her purity?"

"Rest assured, Wushuang. As long as you save me, I will definitely take you in as my wife and not let you down!" Gao Ling hastily spoke.

Mu Wushuang laughed. Her laughter was wretched and miserable, and the pain in her beautiful eyes was even worse. Even her gorgeous face turned ashen. This was the man who once repeatedly said he loved her. Right now, he actually wanted to push her into this devil's nest to save himself!

Moreover, saying that he'll take her as his wife in the future?

Funny, it's truly funny!

If she truly lost her purity, how would this man possibly still take her as his wife? Perhaps he might immediately reject her and refuse to recognize her after he left this place!

"Are you done discussing?" Evidently, Chun Niang was somewhat irritated as she raised her eyebrows. "Exactly who will stay?"

"Chun Niang, we've finished discussing." Gao Ling did not give Mu Wushuang an opportunity to reject as he spoke hastily. "She's willing to replace me for a few nights, she just hopes that you'll release me."

Looking at Gao Ling's wretched look, the corner of Mu Wushuang's lips curved into a disdainful smile. This was exactly how men were. In order to defend themselves, they wouldn't hesitate to gift out their own woman, even if they were made a cuckold!

"Alright, since you've discussed, then you are not required to serve customers these few days. Whereas whether to let you off, it'll depend on my mood." Chun Niang smiled flirtatiously. "Men, drag this lady down to wash, she shall start receiving patrons tonight!"

Mu Wushuang's eyes were downcast as her long eyelashes covered the hatred within her eyes!

Yun Luofeng, if it wasn't for you revealing Gao Ling's location, I would never have headed towards Bamboo House and landed in these people's hands! Therefore, one day, I will also let you have a taste of living while hoping you're dead!

Also, Gao Ling! Such a coward like you isn't fit to be called a man! Even brutes know to protect their own woman, but you are worse than a brute!


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