Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 228

Bamboo House.

Within the luxurious hall, nervousness was apparent within Mu Wushuang's gaze, as her hands placed beside her legs were unconsciously clenched.

Although she did not believe that the Crown Prince would get caught within the Bamboo House, ultimately she still came! Her purpose was to allow her to put her mind at rest.


The moment a handsome young man covered with injuries all over his body walked out from the hall, her heart thoroughly crumbled as she hastily reached out her hands to cover her mouth. By doing so, she was able to prevent herself from uncontrollably screaming out.

No! It's not possible! How could this be? Why would the Crown Prince sell his body within the Bamboo House? This must be a scheme by Yun Luofeng that cheap woman! I will never forgive that woman Yun Luofeng!

"Everyone," Chun Niang delicately chuckled, "the man you all wanted to see has arrived. At this time, please don't forget to make your payment. It isn't that easy to look at people within my Bamboo House. What's more, this is the Crown Prince of Longyuan Kingdom."

With Chun Niang's devious personality, how could she not take the opportunity and earn a sum?

"It's the Crown Prince, it truly is him! I didn't think that the respectable Crown Prince would become depraved to this extent, to be selling his body here."

"Tsk Tsk, I have to say that this Crown Prince sure has a tender and soft skin. Looking at him, I can't help but think of buying him for a night."

Hearing these soft obscene voices, from the beginning Gao Ling had his head held low, not daring to look at these people...

If it wasn't for the fact that he did not have the courage to commit suicide, he would have long ago banged his head until he died, instead of getting humiliated by others here.

"You're spouting nonsense!"

All of a sudden, a furious voice sounded. After this voice had entered his ears, Gao Ling's body became even stiffer as he wished he could hide his head underground.

"The Crown Prince isn't such a person. He must have been forced by this woman from Bamboo House!"

Mu Wushuang tightly clenched her teeth, while her sharp sword-like gaze fiercely shot towards Chun Niang.

"You've committed a felony by forcing the Crown Prince of Longyuan Kingdom to sell himself!"

Chun Niang giggled delicately as she spoke in a flirtatious manner. "This young sister, you've truly wrongly accused me. My Bamboo House has always been a place of fair exchange. With one willing to sell, and us willing to buy, our house offers sincere treatment to all, and fair trade to old and young alike. So, you could question this fella whether he was forced."

When she spoke of this, Chun Niang's hands ruthlessly pinched Gao Ling's thighs, with her fair white jade fingertips making contact with the youngster's snow white skin.

Thinking back on his nightmares these few days, Gao Ling's entire body trembled as he spoke. "I… It was my choice and I was willing."

It was a surprising turn of events and Mu Wushuang trembled as she took two steps backward. Tears stained her beautiful pair of eyes, not daring to believe the youngster who had his head down.

"I don't believe you, I won't believe it! You would never do such a thing, these people must have forced you! Rest assured, I shall immediately return and bring reinforcements to save you!"

Mu Wushuang tightly bit her lips, thinking of leaving after she turned. However, before she managed to even take a few steps, she had been blocked by a few burly men.

"What do you think you are doing?" A raging fury was stifled within Mu Wushuang's chest as she coldly questioned.

Just when she finished questioning them, a laugh could be heard from behind her. "It looks like this lady is a former acquaintance of Longyuan Kingdom's Crown Prince. Since you're so desperate to save him, how about replacing him for a few nights? As such, I will let him go. How about it?"

Gao Ling's eyes lighted up as he hurriedly looked at Mu Wushuang. A trace of radiance appeared in his originally dull gray eyes.


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