Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 227


The brutish man ruthlessly slapped Gao Ling's face, and that slap caused him to see stars in his eyes while his ears buzzed. His throat seemed to contain a mouthful of bloody phlegm, with an extremely concentrated smell of blood.

"B*tch, since I've spent my money I can play with you however I like. Do you still think you are the Crown Prince? Within Bamboo House, there's no difference between you and those gigolos! Don't give me the proud look, I will not let you off even if you are the Crown Prince! However, if you serve me well, perhaps I might redeem you on a whim!"


The word was like a needle that ruthlessly pierced Gao Ling's heart.

Compared to the pain of his body, the pain in his heart was even deeper! Right now, when he recalled the humiliation that he had suffered these few days, he wished that he could kill someone! He, Gao Ling, was still the Crown Prince a month ago! Not only did he currently have to play the woman, he actually had to fawn on a group of men in order to survive! He was covered all over with cuts and bruises, and had even abandoned all his arrogance and pride! Why were these people unwilling to let him go?


The brutish man's whip came down and Gao Ling was in so much pain that his whole body trembled. His fingers tightly clenched the bed sheets as his handsome yet pale face showed a malevolent expression.

Sooner or later, he would make these people who once humiliated him wish they were dead!

"Yo~, I didn't expect that Qin Ye's hobby was actually so unusual, that you liked you play this way."

Just then, the room door was pushed open as an alluring voice gradually became clear, causing one's body to go soft.

For Gao Ling, this voice was similar to a nightmare...

His body trembled even more severely as he tightly bit his pale lips. Fear was apparent within him and he did not even have the courage to lift his head.

"Chun Niang, I was just getting in the mood. Why are you here to disturb me?" The boorish man furrowed his brow as his dissatisfaction was apparent in his voice.

Chun Niang giggled as she spoke while covering her lips. "Qin Ye, it is because many people know that the Crown Prince of the Longyuan Kingdom is receiving patrons here at Bamboo House. They have rushed here especially to look at him. Obviously, I can't let them be disappointed, so I could only come and disturb you. If you like, I can gift him to you for a few nights so that you can have more fun with him."

Hearing Chun Niang's words, Gao Ling's body trembled as his expression became more and more appalled.


He couldn't be seen by those people. Otherwise, if it was spread into the Longyuan Kingdom, not only would he lose his face, he would even lose the title of Crown Prince!

Qin Ye heartily laughed. "Then I'll have to thank you! Chun Niang, you can take him away right now, but don't forget the matter you promised me."

Chun Niang cast Qin Ye a seductive glance. "Rest assured, when have I ever gone back on my promises? I shall wash him clean and send him over tonight."

After speaking, Chun Niang's gaze turned towards Gao Ling as she alluringly laughed. "Gao Ling, do you want to walk yourself or I shall drag you there?"

Gao Ling's body trembled as he bit his lips. He suppressed his internal embarrassment and begged, "Can I wear my clothes?"

"Tsk, such a good one like you, you'll only look dog-like even if you wear your clothes, so there's no need for that. Oh right, I'd like to remind you that the people who came to look this time around can be considered as your neighbors. Therefore, I want you to reveal your body in front of them and let them look at your scars."


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