Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 226

Yun Xiao's unfeeling eyes swept past Mu Wushuang as he spoke expressionlessly, "A few days ago, the Bamboo House released news about the Crown Prince of the Longyuan Kingdom prostituting himself there. This news is known to many."

Speaking of this, as if he was afraid that no one believed in him, he added another sentence. "If you don't believe it, you can head to the Bamboo House to see for yourself."


Yun Xiao's words were like a bolt from the blue that abruptly exploded within the crowd, causing a wave of sensation.

The Crown Prince was actually prostituting himself in the Bamboo House? What type of place was it? It was a place for men to satisfy their perverted desires! To think that the Crown Prince had become depraved enough to sell himself into slavery in that place!

"No, I don't believe you! You're spouting nonsense. The Crown Prince would never prostitute himself to the Bamboo House!" Mu Wushuang's body trembled as she angrily walked up, intending to grab Yun Xiao.

However, before her hands landed on Yun Xiao's body, his imposing aura suddenly exploded with a boom, causing Mu Wushuang's body to be fiercely flung away. Mu Wushuang's sorry figure fell on the ground and she incessantly puked out fresh blood. Her facial expression was deathly pale as she stared at Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao with a furious glare.

There was no way that she would believe that the Crown Prince would go to that sort of place!

Currently, the masses were still stunned by the news, so no one was actually considering how a bodyguard like Yun Xiao could inflict a serious injury on the so-called genius, Mu Wushuang! More importantly, Mu Wushuang couldn't even touch the corner of his robes...

"Let's go head out to the Bamboo House and look at the Crown Prince!"

Unaware of who spoke up within the crowd, everyone immediately left, leaving Mu Wushuang lying on the ground alone.

Bamboo House was a brothel that had several other outlets throughout the mainland, and the one in the Longyuan Kingdom was located not far from the imperial city. Currently, in a private room at Bamboo House, moaning sounds that would cause one's heartbeat to increase and face to turn red were heard outside from time to time. Sometimes, the voice was high-pitched or low-pitched, short or long, but one could identify that both of the voices belonged to men.

"Keke, Indeed, the taste of the Longyuan Kingdom's Crown Prince is different. Such slender and tender flesh is impossible to forget. Hahaha."

Within the room, a coarse man was laughing satisfactorily. He crudely pinched Gao Ling's chin, and his narrowed eyes contained a cold glint.

"It's a pity you've received too many guests. Otherwise, I would actually think of redeeming you."

Gao Ling's eyes drooped down as he tightly clenched his fists. After being here for over a month, he had learned how to swallow his anger. If he resisted even a little, what waited for him was a group beating! Furthermore, daytime was considered a period when he could relax. Once it was nighttime then the nightmare truly began!

He would never forget that once the moonlight arrived, Chun Niang would lead several spirit beasts into his room, and this experience was absolute torture! Even if one day he managed to leave this godforsaken place, he would be unable to erase the trauma.

"Crown Prince, I wonder if you've tried playing something more exciting, let's try it, shall we?" The boorish man heartily laughed. Gao Ling raised his head in fright and before he had the chance to speak, a whip ruthlessly landed on his body, lacerating his flesh.

"What do you think you are doing?!"

Anger rose in his heart, causing Gao Ling's emotions to suddenly erupt! He turned around and fiercely grabbed onto the boorish man's hands. He had a malevolent expression as he angrily snarled, "I'm warning you, you better not go too far!"


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