Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 225

Mu Wushuang was unable to believe that this woman was actually that shameless to say these words without being ashamed.

"Yun Luofeng, you…" Mu Wushuang pointed towards Yun Luofeng, "can you still be considered an unmarried daughter of a noble house?"

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows."My apologies, I'm only the hedonistic daughter of a wealthy family. Words like an unmarried daughter of a noble house don't suit me."

Everyone said that the Miss of the Yun Family was a hedonistic person! That being the case, she was going to even more thoroughly act like one.

Spotting that stoic man walking out from the main gates, Yun Luofeng's lips curved up as she tightly grasped his arms and pushed him towards the wall, before tiptoeing and kissing his ice-cold lips.

He stared blankly, but he did not resist her kiss and instead, raised his arms to embrace her body. His cold yet handsome face was shrouded in a faint radiance under the sunlight.

It was so beautiful that one was unable to shift their gaze.

Looking at these two who were kissing, everyone only felt that it was so beautiful, like a masterpiece that wouldn't make one think of it as obscene.

Mu Wushuang's pair of beautiful eyes were wide open and she only managed to prevent a shout by hastily covering her mouth. No matter what, she never thought that Yun Luofeng would kiss a man in a public place with numerous people.

Especially if that man was a lowly bodyguard!

After their kiss ended, Yun Luofeng released the man in front of her, as her slender long fingers lightly lifted the other party's chin while revealing a wicked smile."Yun Xiao, earlier Mu Wushuang said that I used treating the Crown Prince as a bargaining chip to threaten him to accompany me for a few nights. Do you think that I would have any interest in this person?"

Yun Xiao slightly furrowed his brow as his unfeeling gaze swept past Mu Wushuang who was kneeling. "He's too ugly."

He was implying that, based on the Crown Prince's looks, it was impossible for Yun Luofeng to be interested.

Mu Wushuang's expression suddenly changed. "Originally within the Imperial Palace, you were shooting me meaningful glances, but just because I wasn't willing to spare you a glance, your love turned into hatred! Thus, you started fooling around with Yun Luofeng! I reckon that only she would be willing to degrade herself to sleep with a bodyguard! So what right do you have as a mere bodyguard to insult the Crown Prince?"

If this was in the past, everyone would believe Mu Wushuang's words without any doubt. However, ever since that day when she had confessed her crimes at the city gates, the masses knew that this young lady who usually seemed graceful and calm wasn't actually so.

As such, the masses who were surrounding them only had the attitude of wanting to look at a good show concerning her words.

"You are also too ugly."

Yun Xiao paused for a second before continuing to speak. "Both of you are a couple made for each other."


Mu Wushuang gnashed her teeth in anger. This was the second time that Yun Xiao had insulted her by calling her ugly! How could a woman who had always considered herself as a peerless beauty be able to endure this?

"Since you think that the Crown Prince's disappearance is unrelated to you, then you two better provide some evidence as proof! Otherwise, I will absolutely never let you off!"

She unhurriedly stood up from the ground as her hands were tightly grasped into a fist. At this moment, her elegant face revealed a sinister expression.

Regardless if the matter of Crown Prince was related to Yun Luofeng or not, she would definitely frame this matter on her! After all, this woman was absolutely unable to come up with any evidence of her innocence!

Yun Xiao pondered for a long while before speaking. "Regarding his whereabouts, everyone within the four countries knows where he is."

Mu Wushuang laughed sarcastically. "You say that everyone within the four countries knows of the Crown Prince's whereabouts, so why are we unaware? If you were going to find an alibi, it should at least be believable! With just one sentence of yours, you want to prove Yun Luofeng's innocence?"


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