Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 224

"Good, remember the words you've said today!"

Yun Luofeng's curved lips contained a wicked charming smile and her pair of black eyes were as clear as the pitch-black starry sky.

Just then, a grievous shout sounded from outside the main gates. After hearing that familiar voice, Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes and gave an order, "Mu Shen, leave from the back gate."

Mu Shen stared at her blankly. He also understood that at this moment he couldn't allow people to witness him and Yun Luofeng together. As such, he nodded his head in agreement without any resistance. "Alright."

"Take him out through the back gate."

Yun Luofeng causally pointed towards a servant maid and only took a step towards the main gate after ordering her to bring Mu Shen out.

Outside the main gate, it was bustling with activity. The masses had circled around while incessantly pointing towards the General Estate's main gate. Only after spotting the gorgeous young lady that stepped out did they immediately quiet down.

Yun Luofeng's eyes scanned the surroundings in a domineering manner, and only after seeing everyone had shut their mouths did her pair of dark eyes gradually turn towards Mu Wushuang.

*Pu Tong*

All of a sudden without any warning, Mu Wushuang knelt before her, and that breathtaking face was no longer graceful but was instead covered with tear stains that made her look pitiful.

"Why? Did you not kneel enough in front of my parent's graves at that time? Are you thinking of repenting in front of me? It's a pity, regardless of how remorseful you are, I will never forgive you." Yun Luofeng's brows raised slightly while directing a smile that did not seem like a smile towards Mu Wushuang. 

At this very moment, Mu Wushuang had long slaughtered Yun Luofeng inside her heart a thousand times over. However, her facial expression was like a pear stained with teardrops, making one feel tenderness towards her.

"Yun Luofeng, I'm aware of my mistakes, I truly know my mistakes! I should never have fallen in love with the Crown Prince! However, if it weren't for you being a waste, the Crown Prince would never fall for me! Regardless of whatever resentment you have, you can vent it on me. I only beg you to return the Crown Prince to me!" 

Yun Luofeng crossed her hands over her chest and leaned against the door frame, looking like she was waiting to see a good show.

"Do you think that a person like the Crown Prince is worth my trouble to kidnap?"

Mu Wushuang tightly bit her lips as a trace of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes, but her voice was still using a begging tone. "The Crown Prince came requesting to be treated, and you said that if he was willing to accompany you a few nights, you would agree to treat his illness! The Crown Prince personally told me this, and to let him recover his spiritual energy, I endured it! However, I didn't expect that he would disappear for several months, so I had no other alternative but to look for you!"

She did not say that Yun Luofeng had threatened the Crown Prince to make him take her as his wife, but instead that she had coerced the Crown Prince to accompany her a few nights!

The difference between these two was, the former fully revealed Yun Luofeng's desire for power, while the latter illustrated her as a slut!

To be able to say words like accompanying her for a few nights, if she wasn't a slut then what was she?

Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips as her figure was languid yet charming. "Mu Wushuang, not everyone would be interested in a cheap person like the Crown Prince! To be honest, regardless of his looks or his figure, he's far inferior compared to my Yun Xiao! Would I leave an alluring pastry like Yun Xiao to taste a heap of pig food?"

Mu Wushuang raised her beautiful eyes in astonishment. This woman... dared to associate the Crown Prince with pig food?

For men, women were only an accessory! Wasn't there a saying that women were like clothes? However, she had actually used food as a metaphor for men, and used words like sampling?


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