Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 223

Sunlight poured down and covered every corner of the courtyard.

Currently, within the courtyard, Mu Shen was in the process of anxiously pacing back and forth. He was so nervous that he had clenched his hands into a fist, while urgency filled his eyes.

All of a sudden, a gorgeous figure was reflected in his eyes, causing him to reveal a stunned look. His heart was even fiercely stunned by this sight.

Ever since half a year ago, when this young lady had failed to commit suicide, she seemed to have turned into someone else entirely. Every time she appeared it was as if she had a halo over her, instantly attracting everyone's gaze.

"Yun Luofeng…"

As he lightly whispered these three words, Mu Shen's gaze was somewhat complicated. If it wasn't for this young lady, perhaps he would have been unable to carry on his ancestral line in this lifetime.

The young lady walked towards Mu Shen and gradually came to a stop. Her eyes contained a wicked yet charming hint of a smile as she languidly raised the corners of her lips. "For you to come looking for me, could it be that your body has some problems?"

Mu Shen's face turned red as he spoke like a subordinate, "No… It isn't… I came here to inform you of a matter. I had unintentionally heard a conversation between Mu Wushuang and Mu Xingchou. They are thinking of framing the incident of the Crown Prince's disappearance on you. I hope that you can make preparations for that."

Yun Luofeng devilishly raised her brows and asked while seemingly smiling, yet not smiling, "Why have you come to inform me of this?"

"Because I…" Mu Shen's facial expression was somewhat hesitant, but ultimately, he made up his mind and said, "I want to follow you."

"Give me a reason."

Yun Luofeng raised her eyes and stared directly at the youngster standing in front of her. "Give me a reason that will completely convince me."

Mu Shen's pupils looked down as he tightly clenched his fists. "I want to take revenge. To avenge my sister!"

At that time, when Mu Wushuang was facing charges at the city gates, one of the charges was killing her own half-sister! The sister whom she had killed was Mu Shen's younger sister!

"All these years, I have never once enjoyed a day in the Mu Family! I can only forever serve as a joke for Mu Wushuang's siblings." Mu Shen raised his head and a trace of hatred emerged from his gaze. "Miss Yun, I'm sure you're aware that I have been labeled as the top rich playboy son within the Imperial City. Do you think that I truly wanted to be this? Only by pretending to be a useless hedonistic son would Mu Wushang's siblings lower their guard against me, so that I could continue being the Mu Family's Second Young Master!"

His hatred was like water gushing from a spring! His eyes were filled with a red blood-stained hate. He was like a wolf concealed within the darkness, such that if someone was just slightly careless, they would have their body torn and bones crushed!

The corner of Yun Luofeng's lips raised in an arc. She reckoned that the Mu Family would never think that Mu Shen had hidden himself so deeply.

All these years, it was the Mu Family who had provided for Mu Shen. At the same time, they had turned him into a wolf hidden in the dark, glaring at them like a tiger, watching his prey and preparing to dash forth and bite them!

"Mu Shen!" Yun Luofeng stared deeply at Mu Shen, "I will give you a chance to point a blade towards your enemies. Are you willing to grab onto it?"

Mu Shen's eyes shone and even his breathing became erratic. "I'm willing! As long as I can take revenge, I am willing to do anything you ask of me."

Within that unfeeling Mu Family, his sister had been his only warmth! Yet, even his last warmth had been personally snatched away by Mu Wushuang! This sort of hatred that had penetrated deep into his bones would only disappear following his enemy's death. Otherwise, it would follow him eternally!


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